Interview – Konstantin Soldatov (Foton)

Hey everyone, the following is an interview with Konstantin Soldatov (Foton) with PROTanki. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think on the comments.
– new physics partially influences ramming, however the formula and principles of damage did not change;
– driving into new places which break gameplay will be removed, such places were found already but they are rare;
– movement over the red line in supertest is a bug, will be fixed;
– new patch will give a boost to FPS;
– sixth sense sound will be considered, as players grew accustomed to mods where sixth sense makes a sound;
– there is still the system of 3 ground types, however now there are 25-30 parameters of a tank’s movement, earlier there were 6;
– FV4202 will recieve a “good buff”;
– HD penetration decals – too early to talk about that;
– influence of surroundings on sounds – the new engine also allows this, sounds will be worked on further;
– 5.1 and 7.1 support is considered, but usage of such systems is small;
– there is a list of ideas on new sounds;
– the dog from T-34-85 Rudy is a recording of a real dog;
– time of the day – not a priority, very long ASAP;
– 9.14 will come in March (TN: upholding their promise of polishing things);
– adding talk between the crew would lift the rating to 16+;
– a damaged engine will now sound differently;
– a decision on vehicles with very high alpha is not yet made;
– improving possibilities of in-game communications is being considered;