Mission Marathon: FV4202 (P)

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that the mission to get the FV4202 (P) is incoming on the EU Server. From 15 February at 06:50 (CET) to 29 February at 06:50 (CET). Remember that the mission is only available to players who own the Centurion Action X (i.e. have the tank in their garage) by 18 February. If you get the tank later than that, you will not be able to complete the missions. For those who don’t want or won’t have time to do the missions, the tank will be available in the shop later and you will be able to buy it.

The missions:

  • FV4202 Part 1
    • Earn at least 750 base XP in the course of one battle (bonuses for the first victory, Premium account, etc., will not be counted)
  • Requirements
    • Complete this mission a total of 10 times
    • Random Battles only
    • Centurion Action X only
    • Once per day
  • Reward
    • 1 x Medium-Caliber tank Gun Rammer
  • FV4202 Part 2
    • Deal a total of 450,000 damage to enemy vehicles over any number of battles
  • Requirements
    • Random Battles only
    • Vehicles of Tier VIII – X
  • Reward
    • 1 x Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

If you take on these missions and you complete them on the timeframe you get a FV4202 (P) (50% Crew) + 1 garage slot.


I personally will try to get it but the main question is, is it worth it? Well, it’s entirely up to you to decide this. It’s not a great premium tank, but it’s not the worse out there and remember, it’s free. Let us know what you think. Good luck to everyone.