9.14 Test Server is Back & Other News

The 9.14 test is back online.
Other news:
The FV4202(p) will not be sold right after the end of the marathon on the RU server, its’ arrival in the premium shop is postponed until 9.14. The reason for this is because Wargaming decided to apply some not yet known buffs to the vehicle, and to sell it in it’s already buffed state.
We can expect such development on the EU server, too.
Unseen generosity on RU:
30.000 free XP will be credited to the account when changing the account’s email. Or 10.000 XP for it’s confirmation. Only one option can be chosen. Also, 1 day of premium will be awarded for applying a phone number to the account. This special will be going from 15th Feb to 15 Mar. (RU only)