Interview with Alexei Tomanov – audio department lead at Wargaming

– work on sounds was conducted during last year, there was a huge amount of labor recording content;
– 60-70% are new, unique sound effects;
– regarding sound, DICE has very good projects;
– doing the sounds in a year and collecting all the material is a great success, earlier I was making sounds for Blitz;
– the work on sounds is A+ quality;
– we’ll watch player feedback and implement corrections to the sounds;
– we implemented presets used in mixing using WWise;
– FMod (former technology) is like Paint, WWise is like Photoshop – the previous system was from 2003;
– the old FMod system didn’t allow much space for improvement, using WWise is a great step;
– the sounds will also be comfortable for players with cheap audio devices;
– there is content which didn’t make it into 9.14, the sounds will be supplemented further;
– a gun shot is a modular system – each shot is unique, it doesn’t repeat itself; during shots, 10 sounds are played, which are mixed together from different parts;
– the modular system also works on single-core CPU’s, not stressing them more than the previous one;
– about 80-90% of the previous sounds were reworked, only small things such as notifications remain;
– audio designers are scarce in post-Soviet states, there are no institutions to educate them;