A Hard Day is Over

Greetings readers. Hope you enjoyed this Friday. It had so much info to post that it honestly overwhelmed me a bit.
Posting 18 articles in one day is no easy task (I usually say blogging is easy, but today it really wasn’t). I am tired but satisfied that I delivered a good quality (double Q&A which I am proud of, my translator is super busy though and I want to reward him sometime). I have not managed to work on my own articles yet; however, with a bit of luck, tomorrow will be silent and will be perfect for a new historical article and the usual stuff. I also have WoWS things stashed.
Sure, TAP is something I do in my free time and I never get fed up with/bored of it, I love seeing loyal readers, commenters and haters alike. Our progress has been slow but steady. For example yesterday we managed to get over 200 likes on our Facebook page. All thanks to you, the readers, spread all over the world and the ones who spread the word about us.
Thank you for staying with TAP.
By the way, does anyone want to become an admin? 😀