WoT Console: Update 2.6 Patchnotes

Update Notes

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~3.2GB / Xbox 360: ~500MB
PlayStation 4: 2GB (system will show ~11GB, but only required files will download)

View platform specific update notes here:

All Platforms

  • New animated backgrounds in the Post-Battle Results Screen (HD only)
  • “Tanks” and “Specials” sections added to the Store
  • As requested by the community, Team Training rooms can now be made public or private after creation
  • While in Team Training lobbies, the tank reel will show the appropriate tier range restrictions set in the room
  • 7 maps added: Arctic Region – Snow, Fjords, North West, Sacred Valley, Sacred Valley – War!, Serene Coast and Swamp

Major Changes

All Platforms

  • Max battle tier on Ensk, Komarin, Port changed to VIII
  • Icon order in the Store reel changed
  • New indicator icons will appear over new bundles in the store
  • Added Pz.Kpfw IE package to PzKpfw. I Ausf. C (fully upgraded with 2cm Flak 38)
  • Added T43 package to M103 (fully upgraded minus gun)
  • Added KV-57M1 package to KV-1 (fully upgraded with 57 mm gun)
  • Added KV-14-152M package to SU-152 (fully upgraded with 152 mm gun)
  • Added PzKpfw 38(t) nA G IV package to Pz. 38 nA (fully upgraded with 2cm Flak 38)
  • Added T25E3 AT package to T25 AT (fully upgraded with 90mm T15E2 gun)
  • Added T40 package to T40 (fully upgraded with 105mm gun)
  • Added SU-100-60 package to SU-100 (fully upgraded with 85BM gun)
  • Added GAZ 74B package to SU-85B (fully upgraded with 57mm gun)

Additional Changes

All Platforms

  • Improved Garage lighting
  • Improved voiceover when dealing critical hits, splash damage critical hits, and non-damaging HE shell hits
  • Training tanks have been swapped out for new Premium tanks – Updated fire FX in levels (Target Practice: SU-122-44, Driving Practice: T-15, Live Fire: Panther/M10
  • Brighter shell tracers
  • Updated tank destruction’s aftermath effects
  • Accelerated scroll for ammo (Longer you hold the direction, the faster it will get)
  • New pop-up dialogue art

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • Fixed clipping on various tank destroyed states
  • Platoons will now properly see the Team Destruction game type when queuing for Random Battles
  • StuG IV: Replaced animated attachment on the rear
  • T22 Proto: Inscription placement moved to the turret. Mark of Excellence may no longer be applied to this tank. Fixed ammo name
  • “Rock Solid” will no longer be awarded if your tank is destroyed and the speed requirement has been removed
  • Port: Adjusted lighting to be brighter
  • Animated attachments added to many tanks (for HD tanks)
  • Fixed a bug in WoT Attack where items could be used after destruction
  • El Halluf – Rain: Terrain now properly shows tread marks
  • Fixed in-queue music to play properly instead of with Garage music
  • Fixed issue where battle results in the “Log” tab would be a duplicate of a previous battle
  • Fixed “Log” tab background art
  • Silver celebration audio will no longer sometimes play indefinitely
  • “Confederate” medal description updated to indicate that damaging hits are required to obtain the medal
  • The info panel explaining the benefits of Premium tanks no longer references tanks needing to be the same type to switch crews between them (this was never required)
  • Damaged components listed in the efficiency tab of the Post-Battle Results screen are brighter and easier to see when in colorblind mode
  • Fixed the bug where pressing “Battle” and “Upgrade” at the same time in the Garage would sometimes cause the wrong field to become highlighted in the battle queue screen