Blitz WG Q&A: Clans & Maps


1. Are you planning to introduce something like a Clan budget?
To introduce a feature like this, first we would have to develop a clan mode that would allow people to manage a budget, which is a whole different story.
2. How soon are Clan battles coming and are you working on that feature?
We have been working on it since we decided to introduce Clans to the game. Gathering a group of mobile users for a common game is the biggest challenge we are facing right now. The upcoming feature is not Clan Battles, but there will be an opportunity to determine which clan is stronger.
3. Clan search is currently not very user-friendly. When you tap a button and get a list of clans, there’s no way to filter them. Will you develop a more useful search with filters including clan statistics and player requirements (e.g. search by victories, damage, activity, vehicle tier etc.)?
When you enter the Clan search screen, you can browse Open Clans (clans that show the criteria for following or joining them). According to our statistics, in most cases, clan’s requirements are quite adequate and players looking for a clan mostly fit these requirements. The search filter is a great idea, but it would be technically hard to implement right now.
4. Will you introduce a Global Map?
We are working on different options for clan interaction, and a Global Map is one of the options, however, to be fair, not the most popular one.


1. Will there be maps like Prokhorovka from World of Tanks?
No, not in the near future.
2. Why do you always change existing maps? Wouldn’t it be better to create new ones?
The old maps are too simple and small.
3. Will you enlarge the old maps and, if so, when?
Yes, we will. Next in the line are Mines and Copperfield.
4. Will you create night maps?
We are experimenting with that.
5. Will you mark the coordinates/squares on the maps?
We plan to.
6. Are you planning to eliminate tank clustering (I mean the so-called “tank fist”) on new maps?
Of course, we are working on this issue, even in the updated versions of older maps. We will try not to let this happen while creating new maps as well.