Hearts of Iron IV – 40th Development Diary – 15th of January 2016

Seb: Today is the 166th anniversary of the birth of the national poet of Romania: Mihai Eminescu.
Welcome to another development diary for Hearts of Iron IV. This week we look at some of the changes that has been done to the game lately.
In December, we completely revised how you get factory slots in the game, as the previous system of three different caps, depending on hidden formulas for manpower & infrastructure was too obtuse for players, and impossible to balance.

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Now the system is much more clear. Each state is set to a regiontype, which defines the basic amount of factory slots it has. Then we have various national focuses which will add to the cap of factory slots in a state, and finally there are various techs that give percentage bonus to how many factories a state can have.

Megalopolis Region        12
Metropolis Region         10
Dense Urban Region         8
Urban Region               6
Sparse Urban Region        5
Developed Rural Region     4
Rural Region               2
Pastoral Region            1
Enclave                    0
Tiny Island                0
Wasteland                  0

Some examples: Svealand is an urban region, Amazonas a wasteland, and Greater London Area is a Megalopolis Region. Gibraltar is an enclave, and Gotland is a small island.
We also changed the State mapmode to colorise the states depending on which regions they belong to.

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World Tension was introduced back in the 16th development diary. It was then just a number in the topbar, with a clunky tooltip explaining it. Now it has a graphical indication as well, and opens up a detailed window, where you can view all active impacts on World Tension, and sort them.

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Next week, we’ll talk about command groups and also about leader traits.