TAP Q&A #3 – WoWS Questions Answered

Storm is still away, but we got our WoWS answers! Yay!
1. Where is the server located?
1. I do not know, have to ask the colleagues.

 2. Are there more plans to optimize the game further to decrease load times?

2. Yes, there is much to do, we are working on it.

3. If the ,,Accelerate crew training” is already in WoT for premium tanks, when will it be introduced in WoWs?
3. No, it’s not planned.

4. Will there be a way to choose different names from ships of same class?
4. We decided not to regard this function for now.

5. Many more nations had ships then nations with tanks, will any nations be implemented that won’t reach tier 10?
5. Hard to answer, can’t say definetly no. Firstly, ships of known navies will be implemented, where everything is in order. If the inventory of available ship plans and drafts will deplete, we will think about additional nations. At the moment, everything is normal – all planned branches will go till tier 10.

6.Will more predrednaughts be implemented, premium and nonpremium?
6. Hardly possible. These ships are quite interesting, but in the framework of this game they’ll feel horrible from the viewpoint of playability because of their characteristics.
7. Will we see more information on the battle-UI? For example indications on how many secondary guns on each side of the ship are still operational, or how much of the ships’ AAA is still operational?
7. The plans for the UI are revision of markers, then probably the minimap. In general, these suggestions about the UI are best left in the feedback section. If these requests are in demand, either mods will be developed, or the demand is so massive that they will be planned for implementation ingame.

8.  Will the release strategy remain one branch at a time or will full trees come together at some stage?
8. It will remain one branch at a time.

9. Will there be more British premiums appear before the first branch is released?
9. Let’s watch and see, I don’t want to spoil anything.

10. will national ensign’s become available as purchasable decorations and can the player community help select what will be available? Some players would prefer to fly a modern Australian ensign and not the ww1 British Empire battle ensign.
10. We consider this possibility, but it’s not a priority.