TAP Q&A #3 – Selected Questions

The following questions have been selected and will be forwarded to my contact ASAP (yes I selected more than  2 WoWS questions from some people, mostly because they were really good ones):


Other than Historical Battles, will there be plans for any more PvE content? (Which can include: 4-player Co-op, Fun mode – Zombies tanks/P-1000/WoWs-Like Training mode, Boss mode etc…)

Server roaming when?


1. Where is the server located?

2. Are there more plans to optimize the game further to decrease load times?

3. If the ,,Accelerate crew training” is already in WoT for premium tanks, when will it be introduced in WoWs?

4. Will there be a way to choose different names from ships of same class?

5. Many more nations had ships then nations with tanks, will any nations be implemented that won’t reach tier 10?

6.Will more predrednaughts be implemented, premium and nonpremium?

7. Will we see more information on the battle-UI? For example indications on how many secondary guns on each side of the ship are still operational, or how much of the ships’ AAA is still operational?

8.  will the release strategy remain one branch at a time or will full trees come together at some stage?

9. will there be more British premiums appear before the first branch is released?

10. will national ensign’s become available as purchasable decorations and can the player community help select what will be available? Some players would prefer to fly a modern Australian ensign and not the ww1 British Empire battle ensign.


27 thoughts on “TAP Q&A #3 – Selected Questions

  1. Did you guys choose these questions randomly? We got answers on some of them already, while some are basically answered by themselves.

      1. Are you sure? 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9 were answered yet.

        And choosing of \”Some players would prefer to fly a modern Australian ensign\”, you must be kidding, guys. Are really Australian flags more important than the clan features or multigame gold unifying?

          1. This has been answered and clarified many times during alpha and closed beta, like many other questions from this list.

            AA and secondaries are virtual only. In the terms of the question there are no real guns shooting, there is no aiming, no accuracy. It is only \”aura\”, one simple number for every AA defense circle. Everything else is only the effects.

            Choosing this question is a fail, they will see, that TAP do not understand the very basic game mechanics.

            1. When you don\’t know what you are writing about, don\’t write about it. Secondaries do not work as an aura. Try it for yourself.

              All your whining aside, it still would be interesting to see how many of your secondaries and AAA are operational at any given time.

  2. According to previous Q&A topics, these are my predictions for some of the questions:

    Server roaming when?

    It was shelved, I don\’t think it will be implemented.

    1. Where is the server located?

    My guess is it\’s where EU1 is, so München

    4. Will there be a way to choose different names from ships of same class?

    No as it would confuse players

    5. Many more nations had ships then nations with tanks, will any nations be implemented that won’t reach tier 10?

    Only as premium tree, like the Chinese was originally in WoT

  3. I really wanna know WG plans server transfer(include all server RU, EU, NA, SEA, KR)

  4. If ship names from a class confuse players in a Navy game, then I think players will just have to learn them. I really don\’t think being confused would be problem here on the NA. People want to take battleships from there state, or cruisers from there city.

    1. I believe that this is more a US specific thing, really. And you can\’t ask people to learn all the names of any ships in a class that are selectable in a game that already got like… how many ships?

      Just pretend that the name is the one you want. Way easier for everybody around.

      1. It is already there. Arkansas and Wyoming, Marblehead and Omaha Tirpitz with soon to be sister. I don\’t think it is just a NA thing. Japan and Britain have many classes with sisters.

        (Iowa class)

        1. You realize just how many different ships there are in some classes? You expect to get a list of all possible Independence class ships in the game? What we have now are exceptions and that\’ll be it.

          1. Yep and all the 100\’s of DD\’s. I would pay a little gold to be able rename a ship. Easy way for them to make money and people happy. It\’s a simple thing to do.

            USS Indiana
            (South Dakota class)

            Simple as that.

            1. Seeing how the managed to make the battle setup screen (the thing you see when you hit TAB) even less informative after releasing the game, I doubt that they\’ll be able to do that.

              1. One can dream I guess. Congratulations on your new Star Wars film I enjoyed it.

  5. WoWs Forums are located physically in Germany.
    Had had a Forum suspencion because of the weird idea that mentioning or showing Nazi leaders was per se strictly forbidden.

      1. Let\’s just say they\’re misinformed about the laws in Germany at least and do not intend to try how far they can go without being prosecuted. Which they most likely wouldn\’t be anyway.

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