WoWS: Version Patchnotes

Maintenance Start: 13/11/2015 @ 05:00 UTC+8
Maintenance End: 13/11/2015 @ 06:30 UTC+8

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to penetrate citadel in cases where the shell hit the water prior to impact.
  • “Hull” column has been widened for ships with alternative hull (Farragut, Mahan and Benson).
  • Ship name display in Port has been corrected; ship names are now written in CAPS.
  • Sound notification for battle start has been added back for cases where the game window is minimized.
  • Music volume has been lowered and overall volume balance for other sound effects have been increased.
  • Changed sound effects for capturing control points in “Domination” mode.
  • Fixed error that caused empty black areas to appear after changing the window size.
  • Fixed issue that caused “Superintendent” skill bonus to not be displayed in the Port.
  • Fixed issue that caused “Fire Control System Modification 1” modernisation effect to not be displayed in the Port.
  • Fixed issue that caused the bonus for the “Equal Speed Charlie London” signal flag to be applied only to the player’s ship, but not to the ship’s commander or the player’s account level points.

Because of the signal flag issue, data regarding the number of ESCL flags used during the period between 0.5.1 and will be collected. There are plans to compensate players with the ESCL flags they have used during this period. The compensation will take place a few days after the release of Thank you for your kind understanding.