WOWS: Update on the AP situation from the RU forum. Fix expected within the next few days.

From Redditor fitlord42

Roll back to the model of damages 0.5.0 is not planned. Today, we have considered this option, however, as I have already explained, the internal ricochet error needed to be corrected anyway. So roll back to the old model, and then re-implementing changes in the new model doesn’t seem to be the best solution. We believe that this kind of back-and-forth will bring even more negativity.

On the other hand, today’s studio tests and checks showed that internal bounce may not be the only reason for the fall of the number of penetrations of the citadel. We already have several hypotheses about what other scenario could change after the upgrade. Unfortunately, we hardly have time to finally deal with it today, but will make every effort to solve the problem for the next few days. This is the priority issue 0.5.1 update.

The idea of collecting statistical data for the whole month is not even on the table. We will get the necessary data ourselves, when we finish our checks. At the moment, it is not a question of fine-balancing of some individual ships (these things really require us to gather statistics for a long time), but the likelihood of possible errors in mechanics, which cause damage to the citadel to occur less often than intended.

To summarize, we will check things, prepare an adequate solution and will share the details with you. And we’ll be able to play peacefully at last.

On behalf of the entire team, allow us to sincerely thank you for quickly letting us know about this problem and its extent