Vyacheslav Makarov Interview

Here is some information from an interview between some streamers/youtubers and Vyacheslav Makarov, the man behind the idea of World of Tanks, from Cypress GODDAMN CYPRUS. They talked about WoT, global fixes of problems in WoT, new Wargaming projects, Master of Orion, cybersports, and other things.

These are personal opinions of Vyacheslav Makarov.

– A lot has happened with tanks, first of all – the game grew rapidly.

– Our thoughts on how to develop the game haven’t corresponded with player expectations – this is where we have a sea of problems right now, since the new year.

– Right now the game doesn’t need any expanding, right now it needs fixing and returning, in some aspects returning to the original, other aspects changed completely (arty, perks, sounds, vehicle classes).

– The problem with arty, in my opinion, is its diversity and speed, remember how it use to be! The class that was originally conceived has been broken. Strange artillery has since appeared. The problem is in certain vehicles and balance of arty + moving to tier 10. Engagements between arty and LTs has broken, before, when an LT/MT got to an arty the arty was guaranteed dead, now it’s different.

– TDs – they were conceived differently. TDs were a mixture of all tanks without turrets, unique gameplay for that moment, they were a completely different class. They were modified HTs with a long range gun, which felt good at long distance, and TDs didn’t have a chance at survival in close range combat. But the same thing happened, as to SPGs. The problem has accumulated with different changes.
How to fix them? – Take every class and rewrite it to make it it’s own. Right now everything is mixed together. Right now, with the amount of vehicles in the game, we should have 10 different classes.

– Every class needs to be rebalanced.

– The fixing of arty would be just a piece of the solution. You would need to separate it in to 2 sub-classes, moving and stationary, reformulate their roles, and then resolve the problem of balance – but this is huge work. I strongly oppose the removal of artillery.

– If we remove artillery, the owners will go nuts.

– Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha needs reworking, it’s the worst tank.

– Right now, if we pull too many levers – the game will break completely.

– How I would fix the problems of tanks. First of all, collect lots of feedback from players, then start fixing Randoms, since that’s where most people play, balance and maps. Just have to sit down and start solving problems. Start at patch 8.0 and work forward.
Tell the players what we want, roll out all the big changes to a test server and, again, collect feedback.
Balance, physics, maps – first of all. Sound is a separate topic, but it’s needed.

– To be honest, the crew system needs a complete rework. In ships, the skill system is much more interesting. But it’s important not to take anything away from players and change over to the WoWs crew.

World of Tanks:

– I think Victor’s involvement will help the future fate of tanks.

– I don’t think the current WoT developers will enjoy running over rakes (problems and mistakes).

– The WoT team has changed a lot, they’re trying to speed up, some things are now done much faster.

– It took 6 months to develop the controls for Xbox, it was a super-quest, there was a mass of variants and changed many times.

World of Warships:

– I like the the game of ships more. I love the Lesta studio, the people that work there are amazing.

– WoWs is meant for the western market, it was well received.

World of Tanks Blitz:

– I didn’t believe that WoT Blitz would be popular. But the game found it’s players. The development team lives with their idea.

– Don’t like arty? This is for you.

Master of Orion:

– If the Master of Orion team stops listening to players, I’ll nail their feet.

– MoO will release next year, the date will be announced in December 2015.

– The game looks good already.

– The game will release to Early Access complete. Our first task will be balance, and that’s what we will be doing in Steam Early Access.

– There will be DLC (new races aren’t excluded from DLC).

– The pre-order bonus will be an extra race. There will be 10 basic races at release.

– Tactical battles will come. But they won’t 2 hours long.

Cyber Sport:

– With Cyber Sports in tanks, we put the cart before the horse.
Competitions and tournaments appeared but we rushed the big cyber sport arena. Cyber sport should of evolved with the game, but when it was introduced the game was not ready. It would of been worth growing cyber sport gently, now we are thinking of how to bridge the gap. Right now, I can’t say how it will be done, but it’s most important to connect the game and cyber sport and eliminate the gap.


– We are currently working on an interesting project in Seattle with Chris Taylor.

– There are 2 more unannounced projects being worked on, one of them might become a start to a long history… Announcements will come next year.

– One more thing, I think that I’ve thought of a game more interesting than tanks…