TAP Update & On Wargaming Fest

Good morning everyone. Lately I didn’t have the best possible article quality, it’s because I have some big exams in this period (one is tomorrow). The hard ones end at the beginning of December, and also…

I was invited to attend Wargaming Fest in Moscow, from 15 to 18 December with a full-paid trip by plane & accomodation included. Yes, WG themselves invited me.

My response?

I said no.

Because, let’s be honest, I’d like to attend these events in order to meet my readers, and not many people from Russia read this site. I would prefer staying home and posting as much as I can cause I want to make up for this period of few/late articles. Also, there will be plenty of events to attend in the future too, and I’d like my first one to be in Europe. Plus, I don’t like that my country lacks any WG events. Why would I waste my time in Moscow when I could do something a lot more productive?

Going to Moscow also would mean that I would need to obtain a passport and a visa, which I don’t like since I would have to go to Bucharest, wasting a complete day in the process. And the time period means that the other authors would have a hard time replacing me.

I started this blog not to profit from such opportunities, but to provide as much important news as I can. And I honestly think I can be more efficient here than freezing in Moscow.


TAP Update

I am quite busy (exam tomorrow), and I deeply apologize for not posting enough articles yesterday or posting them late. I’ll try to finish keeping up today and end it all with a good old TAP leak. Needless to say, the fact that the WoWS supertest client was leaked made WG behave like NKVD to their supertesters, which is not too acceptable in my opinion.

Anyway, my situation will improve in a month. I’ll post lots of stuff, especially this Christmas 🙂 No day without articles! Since August 2015.

See you everyone :mrgreen:

No internet

Bad luck. Had to reinstall Windows. Saved all essential files. I’ll post tomorrow when I’ll fix my internet and try to restore all the tabs.

Sorry guys. Hope it’s okay.

@TAP admins: now is your chance to shine. Do your best and post!

Seb out


Vlad cannot translate today (his PC broke), so the Q&A will come later than usual. Please excuse us and have some patience. Luckily we have a new translator, Radu, which is eager to show his skills. He translates slower, though.

Also I have a very hard exam today, I need your prayers for the following hours since I’m always looking forward to the worst scenario possible. I’m afraid.

I’ll recover the lost days this summer, when I plan to get stuff done. Expect some more quality then. See ya!

Blog Schedule Change

Yep, it’s that time of the year when I must return to school. 1 month and a half left until the summer vacation, when I will finally have time for everything. So, I may post stuff later than the usual time. Vlad will be busy (like me), but I’ll do my best to keep the blog running. See you friends!

PS: I can’t wait to finally rest and start training to aquire a driver’s license. After all, I need to visit those archives needed for the Romanian tree.

PS2: There was not too much info the last days too. Pretty dissapointing indeed.

Not good enough

Again, I’m very busy and TAP was not the first priority. I admit, I did neglect the blog a bit, especially the last few days. However, it will end tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be able to post what I missed (have to double check/edit an important Q&A, verify some sources and so on). I’m sorry for lowering the quality bar and I really want to catch up and improve what I missed. Time is a valuable resource, and I just can’t get enough of it.


PS: less useless personal opinions from now on from me at least.