Storm Q&A Regarding current test – 08 Nov

– Storm has a list 10 pages long, of the problems in the game, and is actively used for work planning. The list is heavily influenced by reports and discussions on his livejournal.

Q: It’s the fourth test, but the minimap bug is still there.

A: The work being done right now is fixing critical problems. Most likely that bug didn’t get on the list.

Regarding gold rounds:

– If you have 2 rounds at the same price, one doesn’t pen and does no damage, the other pens but does reduced damage, then which round will you use? And how much easier will it be for the one you are shooting, if they live for 1 more penetration?

– From a statistic balance stand-point, obviously, everything will change. Some vehicles will need rebalancing. But even with any possible changes, players will still say that “everyone is penning me with gold”.