Yuri Pasholok Q&A – 09 Nov 2015

Translated by Alex.

Q: Do you know anything about the SU-152P?

A: In short, this is a Soviet style Waffentrager. In 1945 Waffentrager Ardelt schematics were sent to Sverdlovsk, and a project was started to make an analogue. The results were a family of self propelled guns, with a different exterior look to the German ones, but analogues by concept.

Q: What can you tell us about the state of work related to searching for old schematics, in terms of how complete is this work? How much is still uncovered? Which European country is the least researched?

A: United Kingdom. The birthplace of tank building is very undervalued, and this is confirmed by the findings of our English friends. Other countries also have a lot that hasn’t been worked over.

Q: Pz IX and Pz X – what are these? A myth. concept works by Krupp, or something else?

A: These are no more than fantasies from a German magazine called Signal, from March 1944.

Q: Yuri, what do you know anything about mounting of 88mm KwK43 L/71 on a Pz.Kpfw. III chassis, was it a redeveloped StuG or a new design, and what kind of frontal armour did it have?

A: Yes. This is called a Nashorn. But it is not a pure Pz.Kpfw. III chassis, but mixed with elements of the Pz.Kpfw. IV.
If someone is waiting for a StuG III analogue, unfortunately they’ll be disappointed. There are some images of such a machine, but no characteristics. If I understand correctly, this is what we’re talking about.

Q: Can you share some information about the names, IS-9 and IS-10. What we’re they used for, how are they different from an IS-8. Because any details about those names are very murky.

A: Are you sure that these indexes we’re actually used? Personally, I don’t have any information about the use of IS-9 and IS-10 as indexes. Actually IS-9 was used, but not for a tank. This is an IS-9. Tank-related, but a starter.

Q: Is the Conqueror Gun Carriage a real project? If so, why does it have Ordnance BL 9.2-inch howitzer, which was used between 1914-1945, how was a gun that went out of service in ’45 planned for a 50s SPG?

A: Wasn’t a real project, WG design and from some schematics. Made as an analogue to SPGs on the Centurion chassis. My favourite arty in the game currently.

Q: How many KV-5 projects were there in reality?

A: One, headed by Nikoli V. Tseits.

Q: Do you know anything about the T-29 Soviet medium tank, and the evolution – T-29C. Can you tell us anything interesting, because there isn’t much information about them. Is it possible to have this vehicle in-game?

A: There was also a T-29CN. In regards to the tank, I’m sure that we will get it in-game.

Q: What chassis were used for development of Soviet autoloader and/or oscillating turret tanks?

A: The Object 752 was definitely planned with an oscillating turret.

Q: Where did the T28 Prototype come from? Hull is obviously from a T28, but where did the turret come from? And why do the T28 and Prototype have different suspension?

A: The “Prot” was reconstructed from a single sketch out of a book by Hunnicutt. That’s where the suspension came from, the turret was made as an analogue to other American TDs.

Q: Is anything known about the Tiger P’s arrangement and type of engine cooling? We’re they the same as Ferdinands?

A: They were rebuilt like the Ferdinands. It’s known that air cooled engines didn’t “take off” so they we’re changed for HL120TRM water-cooled Maybachs.

Q: Was it possible to build Mendeleev’s Tank?

A: Yes, it was a fairly finished and not such a bad project for its time.

Q: Could the IS-4 hull withstand a 12.8cm Pak 44, or was the IS-7 still the first tank to withstand it?

A: The first tank required to withstand the Pak 44 was the IS-7. This didn’t happen straight away, but in the fall of 1945.

Q: Was there a project for TD or SPG based on the IS-4?

A: Unfortunately there are no concrete details about an IS-4 based SPG. There was this project at factory No 172. I can’t confirm it is based on the IS-4, but it’s a post-war project and “neighbours” with the Object 705. There were requirements for a SPG based on the Object 701 towards the end of 1945. Anything can happen, and I’m inclined to think that such projects existed.