Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Translated by Alex.

Q: Can you tell us something about the Type 62/WZ-131?

A: This is a great example of a light tank developed from a medium tank. The Americans were going to do the same thing with the T20 Medium Tank (T21 in-game), but for a number of reasons they didn’t. The resulting combination turned out quite interesting, and judging by the fact the Type 62 is still in service in China and other countries, it’s a successful combination.

Q: What can you say about the 121/121B?

A: This is a predecessor to the Type 69, a modernisation of the Type 59. The name 121 is used on purpose, because in-game we have a limit on production year. Although some nations have exclusions, but that is so they could have tanks adequate for the tier. This same reason is why we have, for example, the STB-1, but no Type 74.

Q: Is it worth waiting for the book about “LandCruisers” and when is the King Tiger book coming?

A: Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, Tactical Press is on hold. The LandCruiser book is almost finished, but this year is very busy (going over the information from Sweden alone will take a month), I won’t be able to return to it earlier than December. Work on the KT book is in the closing stages. Regarding publishing, that’s still an open question.

Q: KV-5-152 – is this a fake or was there actual plans in sketches/on napkins?

A: Here, let me draw something as well. The drum is not shown on this schematic. (pic: Maus with 150mm super long barrel)

Q: Did German tankers (Tiger crews in particular) aim at weakspots on enemy tanks? Because, at the time, they had the most advanced optics.

A: Generally they aimed at the base of the turret, and not only Germans.

Q: What is the difference between a BL-9 and S-26-1? Which gun had high armour-penetration?

A: They had the same barrels. The main “feature” of the S-26 was unification/interchangeability with the 130mm version.

Q: Did “Tank of Rybinskovo Factory” exists as a project or was this a fantasy of V.D. Mostovenko?

A: It’s difficult to tell. You would have to investigate at the Russian Governmental Military-Historical Archive. I mainly work on 1925-1950 period. (pic: Tank looks like a box on a bulldozer track, from 1915)

Q: What can you tell us about the exterior look of the Grille 15?

A: Despite the terrible look, Korean tank builders have demonstrated the possibility of creating such horror. (pic: North Korean SPG based on T-55 chassis with an old German 17cm)

Q: Any chance to see the Begleitpanzer 57 in-game? What kind of rounds and penetration did it have?

A: Zero chance. It’s too far over the year limit. Otherwise even the Merkava 1 fits in the game. Sometimes you have to stop.

Q: Many SPGs use column type mounts to traverse the gun horizontally, and normal tanks use turrets. We’re there any projects that used both of those mechanisms?

A: Renault FT, and the majority of Japanese tanks.

Q: Can this be implemented in-game?

A: And what for?

Q: Well, in the situation of a jammed turret, at least then you can have TD mode. Could you tell us which Japanese tanks have it?

A: Ha-Go, Chi-Ha, and any of their derivatives.