Q&A – 24th October 2015

-No patchnotes for changes between Technical 10.0 test and Common 10.0 test. The changes are problem and bug fixes.

-A player suggested that tanks that don’t allow for full complement of inscriptions, or blocked slots, should have the slots open to allow players to add the possible bonuses, Storm thought this is a great idea.

-No plans for auto purchase function (like a subscription) for exterior features purchased for credits.

-No plans for changes to the new exterior interface in the coming test iterations, only bug fixes.

-There is a big uproar about the credit making of the new Rampage and Steel Hunt modes, players are saying it earns less than Randoms for the same amount of effort/performance. Storm is asking for comparative screenshots, those screenshots don’t seem to be materialising.

-The credit making of Rampage and Steel Hunt modes were set to match Random battles of comparable tier.

-On average Rampage and Steel Hunt modes run longer than Random battles, credit making was matched “per unit of time”.

Q: New training battles are cool, but the bots just drive, they don’t try to drive around you.

A: Their job is to “give themselves” to new players, so they could train on “mannequins”. For us it’s a server stress test of the bot concept.

Q: Is it possible to delay the patch until December and release the new Czech line with it? Without bugs and with worthwhile changes and additions?

A: I hope we fix the bugs for the patch release. The patch won’t be delayed.

-There are multiple reports of disappearing ally tanks in the new Rampage and Steel Hunt modes.

Q: Has the problem of FPS drops upon lighting of multiple enemy tanks been fixed?

A: No work related to this issue in 10.0. But in a future version will completely rework the mechanism of loading/display tank models, which, hopefully, will minimize this problem to a reasonable level.

Q: Why can’t the client load textures/models in to free graphic memory, or RAM, instead of reading off disc? Please tell the optimisation crew that in 2015 users have quad-cores, 8gb RAM and decent graphics cards

A: Yes, 10% of users do.

-No current plans to totally refund and remove all inscriptions and emblems that players currently have.

Q: Could you atleast allow people who already have inscriptions and emblems to pick their own bonuses that relative to the tank?

A: We’ve had discussions, but I can’t comment yet.

Q: If I pick some inscriptions and emblems now (while on sale), while looking at the boost they give in the common test, can I be confident these boosts will be the same when they go live?

A: I wouldn’t be so sure, there might be changes according to test results.

-Devs are aware and fixing the problem in Rampage and Steel Hunt modes where your tank can stop all of a sudden like it hit a wall.