Hearts of Iron IV – 30th Development Diary – 23rd of October 2015

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Hello everyone and welcome to another entry in the Hearts of Iron development diary series. Today is a bit of chaotic day in the Paradox office, as we leave this office around lunch, and move into the new one in monday morning. I promised a look at France for today,

France is one of the great powers in 1936, one of the winners of the Great War, and in control of a vast global empire. Their heartland in Europe is rich, almost half of Africa is under their control, and they have colonies in Indochina, Syria & Guyana, not to mention direct control of islands in all the oceans of the world.

France has access to all the aluminium and steel they could ever dream of using. They are also controlling some of the biggest supplies of Tungsten and Rubber from their asian colonies. They have no access to oil so they need to import that.

France has three national spirits from the start.

  • Victors of WW1, which is a penalty to the speed of land doctrine research by 75%.
  • Disjointed Government, which costs 1 political power each day and reduce the national unity until it is removed.
  • Protected by the Maginot Line, which slows down planning speed by 25% but increasing their maximum planning bonus by 25%.

France has 74 division in 1936, but several of those are colonial divisions that are only binary, and their armored units are basically brigades. As you can see here on this screenshot, they rely on the heavy fortifications at the border against Germany to defend them there.

France has 1 CV, 3 BB, 7 CA, 7 CL, 52 DD and 57 SS at the start, but it is not a top modern fleet. However, it is strong enough to decisively defeat either the germans or the italians alone, but would have have no chance against a combined axis fleet.

France starts with 456 fighters, 48 Naval Bombers and 204 modern Tactical Bomber. It is a rather good airforce, but it will need to be significantly strengthened before the war starts.

France stands outside of the Allies at the start of 1936, and have plenty of options in their focus tree.

The French Focus Tree has lots of different options.

  • The Metropolitan France & Algerie France starting points gives an industrial buildup, and allowes another research slot.
  • Defensive OR Agresssive Focus shapes France’s military focus, and the end focus removes the Victors of WW1 penalty.
  • Government Reform is a very flexible political tree that can gives France four different options, while eventually removing the Disjointed Government. Start their own faction with Czechoslovakia, join the Allies, join the Comintern or Join the Axis..
  • Navy Focus gives research and development bonuses for the navy.
  • Air Focus gives research and development bonuses for the air. (not seen in screenshot.)

Next week we’ll talk about Peace Conferences.