I need something.

It does not seem right to have no Q&As. They were the cherry on the cake which is this blog! The final touch, which bought perfection…

Well, I need a Russian translator – again. Someone who speaks Russian fluently preferably. We need volunteers. Please. We are in a desperate need right now. The more the merrier. If you have free time, help us!

I am sorry, dear readers, for dissapointing you. It shreds my heart and makes me cry if I think too much about it. I made the blog for you, the few thousand people who I treat as close buddies. If I cannot complete the work I am the most dedicated to… It just saddens me and makes me feel worthless.

The blog lived darker times, but this is not too shining either. However, the work will continue. No matter what. I cannot stop what I begun, and it was never a burden to me in the first place. Running a blog is not that hard to me.