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Seb: It is in closed Beta at the moment, so only players from the NA server can see their statistics.

Words from the author:


In development by /u/JayZ536 (Jay) and /u/thechandog (Chandog) from

Currently closed alpha for North America only, will support all servers for beta release soon™.

Major Features:

  • Global major statistics tracking (active)
  • Persistent daily updated, detailed, statistics tracking (active)
  • Recent (24 hours, 7, 30, 60 Day) statistics tracking (active)
  • Global and Server, player leaderboard (development )
  • Clan leaderboard (development)
  • Ship resources and comparison tools (development)
  • Signature generator (NA,EU,RU,KR,SEA) support (development)
  • Force Check Stats [once per day] (development)

How to access the site?

We are allowing anyone from the NA server, who replies with a correctly formatted comment join the closed testing period.

Continue reading below if you are interested in helping out with the closed test.

Please follow this exact format enter exactly what is in between the brackets [ “WGID” /* USERNAME */]

So, my comment would be: “1001057966” /* Chandog */

You can find your WGID (Wargaming ID) via your profile page, ie:


Our site uses Wargaming Open ID authentication which is what you will use to login. Almost all of the Wargaming official, and player-3rd party sites use this protocol. It is secure, and the only data which we receive is your username, server, and wargaming id (public). Read more here WG Open ID

Many of the features are still being worked on, and the intent of this post is to bring in users for stress testing, and early bug discovery.

Thanks to everyone willing to help and /r/worldofwarships

Submit your feedback, bug reports, suggestions at /r/warshipstats