WoWS Patch is up + patchnotes

After 2 long months of waiting, the patch is here! (actual release)

Translated patchnotes:

New ships:

  • Soviet light cruiser Murmansk (USS Milwaukee) used by Soviets from 1944 till 1949 and then returned to USA.

Ship changes:

  • Some Japanese destroyers get faster turning turrets and shorter reload times
  • Fixed a bug that caused 1hko of destroyers most if the time if AP shell hit below the waterline
  • Fixed glitches in the scope mode

New maps:

  • Return of “New Dawn” map
  • An experimental “Ocean” map without any obstacles

Map fixes:

  • Superiority mode now adds 3 points per second instead of 4
  • Speed of capture depends on 2 ships only. Though capture points are distributed to all ships in area


  • Credits after the battle are now shown without taking repairs and ammo in consideration
  • Post-battle screen now correctly handles torpedo damage
  • Post-battle screen now has a game logo
  • Added limit to how many ‘special’ symbols you can enter when creating a chat channel
  • Removed block of crew retraining for piasters button in case if player doesn’t have enough credits
  • Removed block of buy button when buying Soviet ships using piasters
  • Now you can buy a ship without the crew
  • Link “report a bug” now leads to player support center
  • Now you can see the cost of removing your mods from the ship you’re planning to sell
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of prices when changing modifications
  • Now you can see how many days of premium are left
  • Added a link for premium shop
  • Changed rates for map distribution

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented client from saving its state after closing
  • Decreased crash occurrences
  • Fixed crash possibility when exp transferring
  • Fixed crash possibility when clicking ‘combat efficiency’ (sorry if I’m wrong here, don’t have English client)
  • Fixed crash possibility when researching of ships takes long time (?)
  • Fixed incorrect display of gun fire effects at maps “Big Race” and “North”
  • Somewhat improved bot navigation
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of torpedo tubes when switching fire modes (out of range fix)
  • Fixed flying camera at the end of battle
  • Fixed bug when torpedo assist was still visible after ship destruction
  • Fixed incorrect display of slots after getting a premium ship
  • Fixed button of the previous ship in the Hatsuharu research tree
  • Fixed daily duty button