121B – new tier X tank from Supertest

Apparently this could be some sort of CW reward tank, having 130 mm frontal armor, being armed with the British L7 gun and with Soviet design (yeah, another copycat). It is unknown when it will be available. It is Chinese, by the way. And a medium.

(source: wot-leaks)

Pics (click to make them bigger):


Armor schematics:


Tier: 10

Hitpoints: 1950

Engine: 580 hp

Weight: 40 tonnes

Power-to-weight: 14,8 HP/ton

Maximum speed: 50/20 km

Hull traverse speed: 50 degrees per second

Turret traverse speed: 41 degrees per second

Terrain resistance: 0,671/0,767/1,438

View range: 400 m

Radio range: 782 m

Hull armor: 130/80/60

Turret armor: 240/160/60

Gun: 105 mm L7

Damage: 390

Penetration: 261

Rate of fire: 5,688

Damage per minute: 2218,4

Reload: 10,548 seconds

Accuracy: 0,316

Aimtime: 2,11 seconds

Depression: -5 degrees

Elevation: 18 degrees