WoWS Closed Beta coming on 12 March only

Source: WoWS Portal

WG officially announced the World of Warships closed beta! It will start on 12 March until the limit of applications is reached. Got your attention, right?

Well, the bad news is that you have to watch the site for the form to appear – it will be there only on that day and you need to act fast in order to get a key.

As WG said:

So keep an eye on the portal. If you snooze, you lose!

More good news: from March 12 onward, the Non-Disclosure Agreement that prevented you from sharing stuff is now cancelled.

The REAL Closed Beta Test will come soon, do not worry. Until then, have this nice historical article by Listy: The British 88 AA gun.

Also, quick announcement – happy birthday Jingles! May you have a long and prosperous life with many years ahead and keep up the good content that you please us with daily.