WoT developers Q&A 09/03/2015 – Part 2

Minipatch is coming tomorrow. Only one feature will be introduced: the ability to login in WoT with social networks;

-Don’t expect to have tank turrets “colliding”. This will not be happening in the near future;

-Tank turrets ripping off when your tank goes upside down cannot be introduced with the new game physics;

-In the test of the new physics there is a feature where the placement of the camera depends on the tank you have, this was made specifically for more comfort. In the alpha test, the camera placement was tweaked for a long time, until the current version was made.

-There is no decision yet on the mechanism by which the current movement parameters of all tanks will be transferred to the new physics. It is completely possible that a lot of time will be required for the recalibration of all the tanks.