6th of March 2015

Here’s some WoT related news, again – motion physics only.

-players can now download the second patch of the motion physics common test from the RU portal

-new common test patch is limited to 5 tanks (T1 Cunningham, T-54, T-62A, AMX 13 90 and AMX 50 100) and 10 maps (Westfield, Pearl River, Malinovka, Prokhorovka, Abbey, Himmelsdorf, Mines, Cliff, El Halluf and Ensk.)

-tanks will now be able to jump over ditches and holes without being stopped by ‘The Force’

-T1 Cunningham has been buffed temporarily for the test, durability and performance wise

-T-54 and T-62A will no longer be matched with low tier tanks

-tanks with enough speed and traverse power will be able to perform ‘police turns’ (Harlow: I guess they are referring to the U-turn or J-turn.)

-friendly fire is now disabled, due to obvious reasons (Harlow: this is only for the common test, not the live patch itself)

-the breaking speed and inertia of the tanks have been significantly reduced

-tanks are now easier to control during movement

second patch of the common test will most likely hit the EU portal this weekend, my guess is today or tomorrow

EDIT: EU common test server article is up, feel free to read it