World of Tanks Generals

There’s a relatively new Wargaming product in closed beta, called World of Tanks Generals. Like its base game, it focuses mainly on tank combat, but instead of 3D armored vehicles, you get to play with cards. Yes, at first it may sound boring to some of you, but it surely gets better as you get into it.

So, how do you play it? Well, you don’t have a team to depend on. You’re the one and only, versus another player, or a bot – depending on your choice. The battlefield is now a board, on which there’s two headquarters (or training camps) by default. The interesting fact is that base cards can deal damage to the adversary base (not enough to kill it though). So yeah, you can derp someone in the face even from the first round.


Currently, there are 3 nations (Germany, USSR and USA) and about 200 unique cards to choose from. You get XP and credits from matches, that you can later use on researching more cards. Most of the cards you get are tank units, but there are also cards that deal points of damage, giving you a card up your sleeve (literally) in case you’re in trouble. The game also includes a tutorial that is fairly easy to complete and it covers the basic aspects of the game .

At the moment, you can sign up for the closed beta on their main website (EU). Pretty much everyone who applies will play as soon as they begin accepting their second round of applications.

The WoT RU YouTube channel posted a video a couple of hours ago – without subtitles (duuuuuuhhh) that displays the current state of the browser game.Here it is. [youtube]

My honest opinion about the game? It has everything for a board game, although it’s only in closed beta. You should apply (in case you’re not in already) and try it, it is worth it. You might have some difficulties at first, but you’ll get better by match.