Tank models: Jagdpanther scalemodel… What is this??? A TANK FOR ANTS!?

1/35 scale kit by Meng Models

This time, JandersUF shows us his perverseness! BTW if you want a model like this, JandersUF is available for custom orders – just comment in this thread .

(btw he will add MOE on a model according to the number you have in WOT – just kidding)
Completed 1/35 scale German Jagdpanther (hunting panther) tank destroy, as seen after The Battle of the Bulge, western front, winter of ’44-’45. Kit by Meng, Stynylres primer, AK Real Color Paints, J Model tracks, VMS model products and pigments, oil paints b a variety of manufacturers. All OOB kit, aside from the added aftermarket metal tracks.

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Panther Ausf. D model and Q&A

JandersUF has created another tank model that looks like it had a “good” time 🙂
As you treat your selves with this piece, feel free to ask questions about it, tank modeling in general etc. and JandersUF will answer these questions in next tank model post (Sunday)!
Meanwhile check his IMGUR & IG

Panther Ausf. D, 1/35 Scale

1/35 scale plastic model by Tamiya of a German Panther Ausf. D, as seen at the Battle of Kursk 1943. This was the first operational deployment of the Panther, a powerful medium tank (other nations may have considered it a heavy). It had a long 75mm cannon which could deal with just about every Allied tank at range. It had thick, sloped frontal armor. It had a complex suspension, which did give solid mobility. However it was plagued by significant teething problems at Kursk, with multitudes of tanks breaking down without even getting into combat.

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M10 in Normandy – Model tank

Here’s the newest addition to  collection of tank models

Dramatic view…. The M10 Tank Destroyer (a mobile, 3″ anti-tank gun built basically on an under-armored Sherman drivetrain, with an open top for excellent visibility) here has pulled up to offer direct fire support to the infantry. While designed to be a rapid-reaction anti-tank vehicle, meant to counter-attack or redeploy to defend against massed Panzer blitzs, the M10 ended up being used basically as a tank or an assault gun due to the operational realities of the Western European theatre when it was deployed.

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