War Thunder – SOMUA SM: Heavy Weight Fighter

The SOMUA SM is a French experimental tank, developed in the immediate postwar  years as an alternative to the AMX-50 being developed in parallel at the time. Despite it being the AMX which ultimately entered service, this won’t stop the SOMUA SM from joining the ranks of the French ground forces tree in the upcoming War Thunder update!

Briefly: The alternative design to the AMX-50, featuring heavier armor protection at the expense of mobility.

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WT: Answers from the developers

With War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov. Source: WT Portal.


Q. Around a year ago, you introduced “temporary” measures for aircraft matchmaking above 7.7 which made mixed battles and allies vs allies / axis vs axis more common. Now a lot of time has passed and there are more vehicles and players at those ranks, do you have plans to return to normal axis vs allies matchmaking? 

First of all we would like to say that the concept “normal matchmaking with allied-axis” sounds rather strange in relation to aircraft BR above 7.7. Basically there are aircraft from times when the meaning of axis or allies didn’t apply for existing alliances. The question then becomes: for which alliance should we count Germany in such a setup? However some time ago (couple of months) we added to the top ranked aircraft battles (BR above 10.0) the possibility of creating matches not only “all against all” but also “nation preset against nation preset”, which means USSR + China + Germany against all others because at that time top ranked German aircraft were represented by aircraft from GDR. This option proved to be well balanced so we plan to add a similar option in addition to the current “random” also to the BR range between 7.7 and 10.0.

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[WT Development] Type 69-IIG: Asian Armadillo

The Type 69-IIG is a modern Bangladeshi modification of the Chinese Type 69 main battle tank, upgraded in recent times to improve the vehicle’s combat capabilities. Soon, the Type 69-IIG will become the new top Chinese premium ground vehicle, awaiting eager new commanders in the upcoming War Thunder update!

Briefly: The new top Chinese premium ground vehicle, featuring access to ERA protection and more powerful sub-calibre ammunition.

Type 69-IIG, main battle tank, premium, China, VI rank.


  • ERA
  • Premium bonuses


  • Average mobility
Type 69-IIG, main battle tank, premium, China, VI rank.
Type 69-IIG, main battle tank, premium, China, VI rank.
The Kit Includes:
  • Tank Type 69-IIG (Rank 6 China) – available after the major update release;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Badge of the Bangladesh Army” decal;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Bengal tiger” title;




In 1975, China and Bangladesh established diplomatic relations and maintained a close relationship since. In 1989, Bangladesh purchased a large number of older Chinese Type 69-IIM tanks, which immediately entered service with the armed forces of Bangladesh.

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Source: WT Portal


Q. Do you have plans to include Germany’s F-4F model? We already have the F-4E that it was based on and F-4EJ. It would also be nice to see the F-4J and F-4J(UK) at some point perhaps in tabs with the F-4C and FGR.2 respectively.

It’s too early to say, but it is possible.

Q. Can you tell us what’s the progress with the decision on J35D’s RB24J missiles? Right now it’s really subpar compared to the F-4E/EJ and MiG-21s that not only have better performance, but better missiles too. RB24J is equivalent to the AIM-9J on F-4E.

We have already answered this question. Initially, the J35D was estimated as a rather capable jet fighter even without advanced guided missiles. If statistics shows us that they are required, such missiles could be added in future.

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[War Thunder] Development – Swedish Ground Vehicles: U-SH 405

The U-SH 405 is an experimental tank destroyer, developed by the Swedish Landsverk company in cooperation with Daimler-Benz in the late 1950’s. Soon, tankers will have the chance to meet this highly interesting machine on the War Thunder battlefields in update 1.97 ‘Viking Fury’!

Briefly: An experimental Swedish armored car, armed with two deadly anti-tank rocket launchers.

U-SH 405, tank destroyer, Sweden, IV rank.


  • Devastating AT rocket launchers
  • Small profile


  • Only anti-shrapnel armor protection
  • Limited ammo count

Development of the U-SH 405 began in the late 1950’s, after Landsverk and Daimler-Benz formed a cooperation to further develop the Unimog 404 truck into a family of different military vehicles, ranging from APCs to dedicated tank hunters. Development was initially headed by the Germans, but in 1958, Landsverk took over the lead role in its development.

As part of the ongoing development, Landsverk came up with a dedicated tank hunter variant of the vehicle in 1960, fitted with a pair of Oerlikon 81mm rocket launchers, originally developed for aircraft and helicopter use. A single prototype of the machine was built and trialed, but no production orders were issued.

However, the APC version of the U-SH 405 saw more success, being ordered by the Belgian armed forces in limited numbers. Despite placing an order for around two dozen vehicles, due to various geopolitical reasons, Belgium only received fewer than half of the machines initially ordered. The remainder of the machines built, but not shipped to Belgium were later on sold to the Irish military in the early 1970’s, which used the vehicle until 1978 before retiring it.

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[War Thunder] ZTZ96A: Can take a punch!

The ZTZ96A is a further development of the Chinese ZTZ96 MBT, which made its first public appearance in the late 2000’s. Also coming as one of many new interesting additions with update 1.97, the ZTZ96A will offer Chinese tank commanders in War Thunder a more advanced version of their existing top tier MBT!

Briefly: An upgraded version of the ZTZ96 MBT, featuring improved protection and mobility, thanks to the addition of ERA packs and a more powerful engine.

ZTZ96A, main battle tank, China, VI rank.


  • Strengthened armor
  • Improved mobility
  • Thermal imaging


  • Increase in weight
  • Poor gun depression angle
  • Low reverse speed

Development of the ZTZ96A began in the early 2000s, once it became clear that the introduction of the ZTZ99 MBT would be delayed due to issues surrounding its development. As a result, Chinese engineers developed an improved version of the existing ZTZ96, in order to counter the threat of the most advanced fighting vehicles of other nations, such as the USA, Russia, Japan, Korea or India.

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