World of Tanks – New Balance – T6 Medium Full Stats

T6 Medium Detailed stats:

Tier 4 American medium tank


Main armament: 75mm Gun M3;

Shells  – M61 AP / T45 APCR / M48 HE;

Alpha damage – 130/110/90;

Penetration values – 92/127/0;

Damage per minute – 2199;

Rate of fire –  15.19 (3.95 s. reload);

Gun accuracy – 0.4;

Aim time – 2.1 s.

Gun depression – -12 degrees;


View range – 340;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 10.7 %;
  • On movement 8.01 %;
  • During shooting while stationary 2.78 %;
  • On movement while shooting – 2.08 %;


Engine power – 460;

Vehicle traverse speed – 35.46;

Specific power ratio – 17.61 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 34 km/h;
  2. backwards 14 km/h;


Hull front / side – 44 mm / 37 mm/ 37 mm;

Turret front / side – 76 mm / 50 mm/ 50 mm;

8 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Balance – T6 Medium Full Stats

    1. nope, gun options are as follow:
      75mm M3 Tank Howitzer (short 75mm DERP from the old M5 Stuart)
      75mm M2 Tank cannon
      75mm M3 Tank cannon (the original gun from the Sherman)
      105mm M4 Tank Howitzer (same DERP we have on the current Shermans)
      all subject to change

      historical options:
      75mm M2 Cannon
      105mm M4 Howitzer
      twin 37mm M6 Cannons
      6pdr/57mm M1
      (there was also another one with 3 x .50cal heavy MGs for AA duty)
      the 75mm M3 is of course also a historical option, its just that those above were proposed during design stage while the 75mm M3 replaced the 75mm M2 on the original T6 prototype

      I would say a quick firing 57mm or the twin 37mm with the new mechanic could be interesting at Tier 4, unfortunately they don’t share that view

  1. Why actually aim and make armor worth something when you can reliably damage the enemy for 90 HP guaranteed every 3.95 seconds (and less with good crew, equipment, food)? Actually F’ing fix HE you stupid retards. You still don’t get it

    Oh and did I mention that you’ll also damage modules/kill crew in the process? Grow a brain and actually balance your pos game

    1. Well you cant damage for 90 dmg reliably.
      Armor still reduces the damge from HE
      With this 0 pen stuff i dont know how exactely its calculated but you cant just derp around dealing full damage.

  2. This whole tank removal could have been avoided by simply swapping the travesty that is the M3 Lee. New players play this thing and quit. One tank for the price of 80+, is what could do the trick.

    1. yeah, about that, if they suck with the Lee it is their fault, it is a good tank, just don’t think of it as a medium tank but as a casemated TD where you HAVE to turn the hull, although the M3A1, with the rounded hull, in place of the M3 Lee would probably help new players a bit since it is more likely it will bounce some shots

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