World of Tanks – The New Balance – Cavalier Full Stats

Cavalier Detailed stats:

Tier 5 British medium tank


Main armament: 75mm Gun Mk. V;

Shells  – AP Mk. 1 / APCR Mk. 3 / HE Mk. 2;

Alpha damage – 130/110/90;

Penetration values – 91/144/0;

Damage per minute – 2199;

Rate of fire –  16.91 (3.55 s. reload);

Gun accuracy – 0.42;

Aim time – 1.9 s.

Gun depression – -12 degrees;


View range – 350;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 13.85 %;
  • On movement 10.43 %;
  • During shooting while stationary 3.42 %;
  • On movement while shooting – 2.58 %;


Engine power – 410;

Vehicle traverse speed – 34.42;

Specific power ratio – 12 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 40 km/h;
  2. backwards 16 km/h;


Hull front / side – 63 mm / 45 mm/ 31 mm;

Turret front / side – 76 mm / 63 mm/ 57 mm;

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – The New Balance – Cavalier Full Stats

  1. 0.42 acc? Are they insane?
    So you have a fast tank, with a low pen pea shooter, which can’t hit unless bumpers are touching?

    I am sold!

    srly: if i have, lets say 0.3acc… and i miss, i know i aimed bad. if i got KV2 accuracy and miss, i know the game screwed me over. Last but not least: a new player (for which this rework of lines is supposed to be) has little chance to have an impact, given the little control they allow them to have.

    Compensating for bad acc and whatnot is something that should be reserved for a later point of time.

    1. they call it “new balance” but it is still the same old thing
      did they update the stats to counter the powercreep and fit the current meta? of course not, those are the same stats we find at Ter 4 and 5 on British light tanks (Valentine and Crusader) and are the intermediate gun options for the Tier 5 Churchill and Tier 6 Cromwell

    2. He has several guns for different styles. It’s more or less balanced like the T-54. One with bad dispersion, low pen and good DPM. One with better dispersion, higher pen and less dpm. Same ROF, but less alpha. As the 110/180 pen gun gets 0.36 dispersion with 2366 dpm with a 3 skilled bia crew, vents and rammers.

      Honestly with the 110 pen gun. I had fun playing it. It was more or less a tier 5 Cromwell. Not as flexible, but close enough.

  2. like lol these low tiers are looking bad (they all get +2MM from T5 remember
    imagine this v Tier 7’s?
    never mind Tier 6

    …..and the fat WG Elephant in the Sandbox

    He shell rebalance
    (except for Soviet Kv2/r they keep HE penetration, but none others do? no bias promise comrade

    could well become Rubicon 2.0

    Wargame just doing there ‘own’ thing meme as they do
    That nobody asked for
    nobody wanted

    Wargame are so ‘Special’ y’know

    1. It’s basically like the M4 improved with that gun. You get 200 more DPM for 19 less pen. As he has a 110 pen 6 pdr gun option with 90 alpha, and with 180 gold pen.

      As tbh, with the 6 pdr gun, it was actually a fun tank.

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