World of Tanks EU – 252U Defender is back

Their reputation precedes them, so you surely have heard of this A-team. The Object 252U and its decorated counterpart Defender will protect you with their lives if they are on your side. Thanks to their amazing alpha damage and great penetration, they can even hit a big enemy with a bang and love the drama that they cause by bouncing shells from their thick armour. Get ready for the endgame with a great offer that you don’t want to miss!

Standard – 39.90

  • VIII Object 252U
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

18 thoughts on “World of Tanks EU – 252U Defender is back

  1. I do not know what WG does.
    You can use your 20% tankreward discount to buy OBJ 252. That is cheap.
    They did not sell OBJ 252 during the Black Market.
    Lot of people would play happily double price for OBJ 252.

  2. Yay, a Tier VIII premium with Tier IX armour. Soon even stronger once the ingenious ammo rework has gone live. Three cheers for Wargaming, balancing masters of the universe.

    1. Not entirely true.
      The HE rework will allow for tanks (weaker ones too) to do more often consisten HE damage.

      I hate when i roll 50~300 dmg on turrets or hulls. Now we get enough damage over time to hopefully end those hull down fights.

      1. doing 100 dmg on Defenders hull will be consistent yes,while he shoots back at ya for 470 (cuz russian RNG)dmg with a smile on his face…….

      2. I was hoping the HE rework would indeed offer a chance to damage heavily armoured tanks such as the Defender reliably … well, it does, but like Hooli_Gun has pointed out, the HE damage is so laughably low that it is basically pointless. I specifically experimented with HE on stronger armour on Sandbox – total joke.

          1. In other words, shoot weakspots. But … if I absolutely have to fire at weakspots because otherwise the damage is negligible, why fire HE in the first place when AP makes much more damage?
            Sorry, it IS stupid. No two opinions about it.

  3. One mistake and turret is gone.
    And ammoracks on Defenderss
    are so satisfying. 😀
    Just pen armor behind front right wheel and turret goes to the moon and back.

  4. Don’t worry, WG will get the money back through ammo spam, they like tanks that can’t pen and be penned without gold.

  5. In any case, it is a very good tank for its money.
    I consider it better than the type59 although the later gets up to only Tier 9 battles while my Defender almost always sees Tier 9-10 battles.

    If you do not have it, buy it!

    1. If you positively need to troll, could you think of something more imaginative or amusing? This is just meh.

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