New Swedish Tank Camouflage for WoT

Winter Camouflage

Forest Camouflage

Desert Camouflage



13 thoughts on “New Swedish Tank Camouflage for WoT

  1. Wow, these camos are actually like camos, they look interesting and authentical.
    I’m not saying that they are, just that they look like that.
    Thanks for the news, Tenky!


  2. We need more camos for CZSK and Chinese tanks, few more for other nations would not be bad too, current selection is quite small IMO. And no, I don’t want to download skins :P


    1. If you’re referring to the camouflage used on Swedish vehicles today I believe it was around since at least the 70’s. The camouflage on the M90 uniforms are based on it, not the other way around.


  3. I don’t recognize the first winter camouflage, but the second one is very simple.

    I think the first summer camouflage is suited for the really old pre- and early war tanks while the second camouflage is suited for mid- to late war tanks. I don’t know why they didn’t also add the camouflage that is currently used. I believe it was used at least since the 70’s, probably earlier.

    I don’t recognize any of the desert camouflages. They seem made up, which makes sense because Sweden don’t have deserts. The first one looks possibly like some kind of urban camouflage, which I’ve never seen in use. The second looks like an early experimental summer camouflage.


  4. The M90 camo was introduced to Swedish armed units starting in 1990, as the name m/90 suggests. Before that Sweden used the field uniforms m/59 (introduced 1959), which were colored in an olive green hue, as were most of the combat vehicles. Only instance of camo used in Sweden before 1990 that I know of, was the AJ37 Viggen fighter/bomber planes.

    The desert camo was introduced with the Swedish UN missions in Afghanistan. It has the same pattern as the green m/90. In the winter, the standard green m/90 camo is used, but the light green parts of the pattern is striped to white.

    The Swedish camo is quite distinct, due to the odd patterning with sharp lines. It was designed to blend specifically with the nature in Sweden, and is adapted to the plants and colors we have here. Unfortunately none of the WoT camos above is anything close to similar to the authentic Swedish patterns. :-(


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