Tier 9 Medium Tank Suggestion for the Polish Tech Tree

I have a possible tier 9 tank to suggest for the upcoming Polish tech tree. (short article)

The ZET-1 (zashchita ekrannaya tankovaya) was a Polish project to make T-54s and T-62s more ATGM resistant in 1964. This involved large screens on the gun and hull. The cage screens mounted on the main gun were folded when unused and unfolded when in combat. The aluminum (I know what aluminum means to WG) screens on the hull were also foldable.

While it did obtain some interest, it was never accepted into service. This can be implemented into WoT on a T-54A. It can provide some protection against HEAT shells while sort of standing out from other T-54/55s. This, in turn, will make Wargaming more likely to accept the tank as a tier 9 medium which will then make it easier for a Polish tech tree to appear. If there is any better alternative, I’ll gladly accept it.


T-62 Main Battle Tank 1965–2005” by Steven J. Zaloga


64 thoughts on “Tier 9 Medium Tank Suggestion for the Polish Tech Tree

  1. Poland had no T-62s and different uparmoring and protection programs are not enough to make different IX tier medium tank.

    Of course WG fucked this up because T-55A available from personal missions is exactly tank made in Poland under Soviet license but with several local modifications.

    Fun fact: it’s impossible to make Polish tree even using Soviet, British and American tanks because there are no candidates for VIII and X tiers.

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    1. They made entire japanese heavy tank branch. Probably half of them were made up by japan historicians and nearly all of them were only on blueprints, O-I had a wooden mockup I think. So I think they can make polish tech tree. But they don’t have a need to do it yet. There are a lot of players on EU and siemka community is still the biggest.


    2. Not exactly… the one made in poland, East Germany did use both Polish and Soviets.

      T-54 used by East Germany – 202 T-54s were ordered in 1956 from the Soviet Union and delivered between 1956 and 1957. 488 T-54As and T-54AMs were ordered from Poland and delivered between 1959 and 1964 1766 T-55s and T-55As were ordered in 1964 from the Czechoslovakia and delivered between 1964 and 1980. 333 T-55s and T-55A(P)s were ordered from Poland and delivered between 1965 and 1973. 362 VT-55s were ordered in 1964 from the Czechoslovakia and delivered between 1965 and 1969. Passed on to the unified German state.


    3. @Taki jeden.

      Don’t be so skeptic ^^.

      Fun fact… WG found 12 project’s in WAT out of 43 being defended at WAT.
      One of them is heavy 60t tank of Lewandowski with we can degrade to the role of heavy MT. (T-VIII)

      Historian Piotr Zarzycki did also confirm prof. Habich did design after war medium tank with was based either on late production T-34/85M2 or a early T-54. (T-VII)

      Polish T-55US or prototype of T-55AM were build around 1970 so they still barely fit the WoT time line can be used as X.


        1. Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna – basically a technical university under direct army supervision. Along with other military academies it provides qualified officer staff to the Polish army.


      1. “Fun fact… WG found 12 project’s in WAT out of 43 being defended at WAT”.

        Seriously, Military Technical Academy was school and all these projects were “designs” of students. Papers needed for obtaining degree, that’s all. And well, such papers don’t gain historical and technical value automatically, this is only curiosity.

        “One of them is heavy 60t tank of Lewandowski with we can degrade to the role of heavy MT. (T-VIII)”

        Facepalm again.
        You may even upgrade it to the XII tier, who cares? This will be pure bullshit with no historical connection to anything. The same kind of bullshit like “historical book” made from papers wrote to gain degree by students of history. Or posts “historians” from WoT forum threads.

        “Historian Piotr Zarzycki did also confirm prof. Habich did design after war medium tank with was based either on late production T-34/85M2 or a early T-54. (T-VII)”

        Another facepalm.
        First: concept works are not design, they are just pure ideas.
        Second: how the fuck someone can “confirm” such thing without saying clearly whether this concept work was based on T-34/85M2 or T-54? Both tanks are as different as ice and fire so this “confirm” is useless.
        Third: even if Habich sketched anything on the sheet of paper during dinner, this “design” is still as valuable, as Lem’s tank. Daydreamer’s fairy tale.

        “Polish T-55US or prototype of T-55AM were build around 1970 so they still barely fit the WoT time line can be used as X”

        Barely fits, the best summary. And no, this can be only replacement for IX tier because T-54 is in Soviet line and T-55 was wasted for personal mission. T-55US / AM / Whatever Letters You’ll Insert Here is still IX tier and moving it tier higher is making tree up for sake of making it up. Just like retards on WoT forums wanted to put 7TP on IV tier.

        Another year and some fairy tales whisperers and wishful thinkers still push reality beyond limits to create non-real tree. Yes, if you create ex nihilo four tanks and modules for another two tanks, you’ll be able to “recreate” that beloved tree. Even less historical than Japanese HT line but who the fuck cares. The most important is that “researchers” will be able to wank every evening because they did “good” job. Fuck history, fuck realism, WoT tree is more important than truth.


        1. @Taki Jeden.

          SRLY… This is WoT it’s just an arcade game, where You see here historical realism ??
          You like the historical realism go play Simulation battles in WT ^^.
          Leave your pessimistic skeptical opinions for your self.

          Your Historical realism in WoT is:
          – a lot of tanks that never rode on the battlefield and were only projects from the drawing boards, or even have been invented by WG themselves ( E50M, E100, T28Prototype, most of IX i X tiers),
          – there is no problem to let be the Lend-Lease tanks in the the Soviet tree, a Tiger in Japanese with eventually never reach the Japan or Bulldog in German one…
          – clones of soviets MT and HT’s
          – Chinese line consisting mostly of the modernized Soviet tanks,
          – Japanese heavy line made from napkin drawing with fragment of the suspension…

          Your pessimistic views and any attempt to translate the merits, there is no law that for existence of Poland line due to the lack of project, etc…. are for us just ridiculous.


  2. wtf do we need a polish tree for? I’d much rather see an Israeli tree first, a T-54 with a 105 L7 would at least add some variety other than “press 2 for great heat rounds”

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          1. After Polish tech tree? There are already plans to work on HAVOK after Polish tech tree. And after that they are going to add “rebalance” from sandbox to live servers.



          2. Yeah, with the sole problem Italians have only total clones on high tier, Swiss have total clones on low tier and Polish get nothing at all on high tier. Israeli atleast get to build the whole tree.


            1. I don’t mean to disrespect, but have you actually seen Life_in_Black’s tech tree proposal? There are five Shermans in one branch!? Six Shermans in total!

              Renault R-35 with only a gun mod, M22 Locust, centurion, M48 Patton and a few other copypaste.

              One entire line is copy paste with only a gun modification (some of these modifications, we have already seen)

              Only three Israeli tanks fully unique (Merkava and prototypes). The TDs and SPGs are Egyptian and North Korean.

              The Swiss are far, far more unique and the Poles may have a chance.

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              1. Yes, because a Romanian tech tree is totally free of clones. It’s painfully obvious you haven’t read anything on a potential Israeli tree. You would realize the TD line could be scrapped completely, and the SPG line is entirely Israeli. But hey, continue talking about Polish and Romanian clones while bashing other tech trees.


                1. Except the clones are radically changed. TACAM T-60 and R-2 for instance.

                  I want the Israeli line. I’m not against it nor have I said I was in my comment.

                  I read LiB’s proposal and I can post the picture.

                  I just found it ironic that he supports the Israeli tech while calling the Polish tech tree (which is confirmed to come) full of copy paste.

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              1. Israeli tree is one of the reasons I started playing. The tanks actually saw combat, which imo makes them a lot cooler than “Well, this guy heard from this guys that italy may have bought an m46….” or “What are we supposed to do for japanese heavies? make something up? lol ok”


      1. It is too young, but no OP. Better armor instead of mobility (up to 49 km/h, ~14 hp/t) and gun.
        Hull: 100+45/80+2/45 mm (E50M has 150 mm), turret 200+60/160+60/65 mm (similar to T-62).
        IMO even if it would be mainly a clone, it still sounds interesting (spaced armor – deal with it HEATs).

        It caould be a collegue of the Romanian TR-580 (with even better armor).

        We are working on Polish tech tree, i hope soon you will be able to check it.


        1. not exactly
          T-55AM Merida had additional 150mm plate on front. It wasnt solid steel but metal/composite.
          It had its basic 100m armor + additional plate with 20mm + 5mm + 5 mm+ 5mm + 5mm armored steel plates separated with composites.
          and its prototype is from 83-84 not 70’s


  3. There is not really a need for a Polish, Romanian or Isreali tech tree.
    I mean…look at thet thing. It’s basicaly a T-54 with spaced armor. Wow. So new!

    The only full tech tree without clones will be the Swedish one. Maybe the Swiss one.
    The Italian one will contain Hightier clones. But nobody will grind for an Italian Leopard or Patton, if he has the original in his garage -> No XP converted -> No money for WG -> No Italian Tech Tree.

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  4. How close to hull armor is the spaced armor? That’s what determines how effective spaced armor is against HEAT, this seems pretty close to hull to me.


  5. Wrong source listed.
    Polish variant of ZET-1 was described in the:
    Osprey Vanguard #102: “T-54 AND T-55 MAIN BATTLE TANKS 1944-2004” S. Zaloga


      1. it’s not

        that is all what Zaloga says about ZET-1 in “T-62 Main Battle Tank 1965–2005”
        no one word that it is Polish and he describes it completely different (umbrella on gun, check my previous post)


        1. hmm… The book I used describes differently. I can send you a screenshot.

          What I’m guessing is that it was a broad project. I assumed it was made by Poland because of the abbreviation. It is probably just a design for the Soviets. The Soviets aren’t strangers of servicing equipment made from satellite states.


      1. u just sent a screenshot…
        “This folded as an umbrella when not in use…”
        did u even read this paragraph?

        ZET-1 is “umbrella kind” solution which i linked before, and it is pure Russian.
        Polish versions had no name because those were just prototypes which werent mass produced, we dont even know how it was called.
        T-54ATGM is more proper name for those on pictures, T-54ZET-1 is surely wrong because T-54 wit ZET-1 looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/jjrplyo.jpg


          1. wtf is wrong with u?
            didnt i tell u few times that Poland didnt have or use ZET-1?
            It is early model T-54 used by Russians to test abilities of ZET-1. It was old tank, no needed anymore so they tested ZET-1 on it. They used old crappy T-54 to check how umbrella works in practice.


        1. To be more precise, Polish tanks on pictures are local upgraded versions of T-54A, those might be T-54AM or T-54AM1 or T-54AM2, it is impossible to say which one because AM1 had differences on rear (not seen on pictures) and inside and AM2 had only inside upgrades but it is surely at least T-54AM.
          I’d say T-54AM ATGM is most proper name for them at the moment


          1. After all the T-54AM ATGM is not correct name to…
            ATGM stands for ANTI TANK GUIDED MISILE ^^.

            As I already suggest on forum we should take name T-54AE where E will stand for polish EKRANOWANY. or a T-54AS where S will stand for SCREENED.


            1. in Polish army it would be probably called T-54AME (or T-54AMS if they would use English) but I agree, T-54ATGM is not so accurate like i thought before, it suggest like the tank is armed with rocket launcher


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