New tougher turret for the Caernarvon?

The Caernarvon’s original final turret (now stock turret) is said to be underwhelming. Due to this, WarGaming gave it the Action X’s turret a few patches ago. However, it may change soon. Aleksander Galevskyi, a lead artist at WarGaming, posted quite a bit of screenshots of a Caernarvon with a peculiar turret which I originally thought was the stock Caernarvon turret without its mantlet. I’ve been told if the new turret is modelled correctly, nothing will be able to penetrate it. If it’s true, it’s possible that this is a historical replacement for the unhistorical Action X turret featured as the final turret on the Caernarvon. We may expect a buffed Caernarvon in 9.18 or in later iterations. Alternatively, it could be another premium.

Update: the mantlet is said to be over a foot thick in real life. However, the surrounding remains the same as the stock Caernarvon.

Here are the screenshots…



47 thoughts on “New tougher turret for the Caernarvon?

      1. Not turret. Look at the pictures – that “unpenetrable” mantlet takes maybe half the space of the whole turret front. I still believe that the old top turret on Caern was much better and was more unpenetrable.


          1. WG are morons if they give any HT over 2000 dpm before useage of rammer and skills. Caernarvon needs just a bit more DPM, but not much. All other tenks needs to get nerfed,

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    1. I knew someone would post this type of comment :)

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious or you’re taking a jab at me.

      The source I’m using is reliable, though he doesn’t want to be named. You can choose whether to believe me or not, but I’m sure he wouldn’t deceive me.

      If you’re being serious, then thanks for the info.

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      1. im not trolling, there are enough such people around.
        After i saw the post i “checked” my sources, again, i dont know if it’s real but i honestly think it might be, so i decided to share.
        Im thankfull for the informations you guys share ;)

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          1. 315mm? if there was a Centurion turret (based on it’s shape) “laying around” with that kind of armor why would they need the Action X for the Centurion buff?
            as info is revealed it starts to look more and more like a new premium or a made-up buff, afterall the Caernavron wasn’t around long enough, never entering service, for someone to start developing a new turret for it


            1. It’s not made up. The Caernarvon had many iterations and many designs. You’ll be surprised at the number projects Britain designed.

              Its most likely that the very knowledgeable people that I know are giving information gathered from archives to make these tanks and they have collaborated with WG to do this. Some of the tanks and premiums in the game started from them.

              One of these knowledgeable people has confirmed that this is real and it seems like he is involved with this premium because he is probably under some sort of NDA.

              The information about this new turret is 99.999% true and I doubt that he would deceive me like this.


    1. It needs DPM increase badly. It is SOOOO SLOW. And has tiny tiony alpha and whats it get to make up for it? Almost lowest DPM in class.

      I understand it has great gun handling and I did great in mine, but its armor is meh vs IS3`s and other beasts now that all the T8 heavies are getting 230 pen like it has.

      Basically its pen was its saviour but now with ever tank at T8 getting 220+ [AMX49, T26e5] it will literally get left in the dust, and they are both faster, have -10 depression and have much better armor.

      It needs a huge ROF buff.


  1. If the sides are as thick as now i.e. 150-160mm effective, the mantlet will be useless because nobody would shoot there anyways. The old mantelt alreaddy had troll spots.


    1. You don’t play the Caernarvon in anything but hulldown positions, tiers 8-10 for mediums and heavies are pretty much the same. The old turret sucked, most of the mantlet was shit and the rest of the turret was autopen. It needs a DPM buff by at least 0.5-1 extra rounds per minute to be “fun”.


      1. At least that. 7.5 sec reload is a long time when spitting 230 DMG. Look at T26e5 now, 240 DMG with 6.9 sec reload making it shoot gbasically 200+ DPM more.

        Also Caerns high pen isnt special anymore, and T26e5 has massively better speed and armor.


  2. I’m sure the mantlet is strong, but I have my doubts about it being impenetrable. It’s still a Centurion turret, and the mantlet is rather small. There’d have to be some serious armor not only on the mantlet, but also around it, on the sloped turret roof and those big turret cheeks. I’ll wait for an armor profile.

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  3. but didn’t the Caernavron come to be from the idea of placing a Centurion turret on a Conqueror chassis?
    then where did this new turret come from?
    it’s certainly not the turret from the so-called Super Conqueror, right?
    the shape is the same as a Centurion turret but if this turret is as good as it is said why would they need the action X to buff the Centurions?

    this kind of makes me doubt them a little bit more since all Caernavron were supposed to have been converted into Conquerors and so it would be strange to think someone would design a new turret for a tank that was only around for a short time


  4. The Action X turret is fine as it is; all the Caern needs to be competitive is a DPM buff. I don’t understand why WG would make a whole new turret, requiring the tank to be rebalanced around the armor buff, and not even try a DPM buff that would be extremely simple to implement and test.


    1. It could use both and still be balanced. Seriously it is so slow [esp backwards] it simply cannot escape any fight. It also only has “Meh” armor now compared to others. Next its super unique 230 Pen is now undermined as well. It used to be IS3 and Caern but now is every heavy they are introducing. T26e5 is 230ish and ACPR and same with AMX49 and both those tanks are much faster, and have much better armor.


  5. The cheeks are still exposed, so turret protection will be similar to the Tiger II: strong mantlet, but that’s it. Unless, the cheeks are much thicker than I thought.


  6. Caern could be changed to be sort of medium tanks counter – give it more DPM (2,1-2,2k ish), maybe a tiny bit better ground resistances and traverse.
    Bam, you have overgrown medium, HT upper plate, MT lower plate and sides, MT turret (T10 medium that is), -10 depression, MT view range, HT mobility (but decent turning and acceleration making it hard for meds to outcircle you), HT hitpoints, best in class gun handling.

    You can either go and be a support heavy or go fight with meds, that won’t really kill you unless they have decent numerical advantage (or you play like a tomato :P ). Sounds like pretty fun tank to me anyway, but not OP since you still have to expose often because of the alpha and your LFP is still garbage.


  7. The absolute thickest Action X turret was 270mm at the thickest part. IDK if they are measuring @ LOS or not, but 315mm raw is not true.

    Also, when WG had Priory go out and measure thickness from inside of turrets, ALL THE CENT turrets were much thinner than plans said. This was common in turrets with extreme shapes. INRL its very hard to make super thick and super angled cast pieces that dont have bad harmonics or cracks. Thinner steeper armor is much easier to achieve. TBN this is why the US Glass projects were so successful. Even though they wernt used, in the end the super advanced techniques used to repair the glass/honeycomb was adopted on US tanks and it ;eft them miles ahead of other nations in casing armor after that. Not just in thickness and angles, but quality, the US had by far the best quality steel up to that point in history.


      1. Still, it must have been @LOS. THink about how thick almost 9 inches of armor is.

        Imagine the T32 and T34 turrets having only 279 and 298mm and they were super heavy tanks.

        Either way the Caern was built with the Cent turret in mind. So even if its not the act X series turret it definately is the Cent of some kind.

        We will see, either way 315mm @LOS protection is great.


        1. By the looks of things, only that “mantle” slab of useless metal will be over 300mm thick. The rest of it will probably be like … 152mm, which completely defeats the purpose of the buff they wanted to make with the Action X turret, which fit much better on the Caern (though still not very good) than it did the actual CentAX.

          However, the overmatch changes mean that the roof will no longer be overmatched.


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