Australian Armour and Artillery Museum’s Tiger Replica

The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum recently added a replica of the Tiger. Unfortunately, it does look funny in some areas. Overall, it’s a decent replica of the Tiger considering they were stuck with a low budget. I would advise some changes to the suspension, gun, and mantlet for those who are familiar with the way the Tiger looks.

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22 thoughts on “Australian Armour and Artillery Museum’s Tiger Replica

  1. Ive been following as they made this, apparently the original base was the prop Tiger from the Fury set. It had inaccuracies to begin with such as high drive sprockets and some measurements were off. It also doesnt gelp that the wide tracks arnt mounted to why it looks odd 😂

      1. Why go out of the way to make it historical when you can buy a movie prop that was pulled on a trailer without anything besides a turret and a hull, right? Stupid but hopefully someone had fun doing it, jist hope they continue to work on it…

  2. Looks decent to be fair, any aditional cost would be an excessive amount of money (wasted?) to make it look exactly like Tiger 131.

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