WoT: March 17 Micropatch

Due to the update, the World of Tanks servers and portal will be unavailable on 3/17/2022 for approximately 25 minutes:

Both servers from 05:30 CET
WoT EU1 from 06:30 CET
WoT EU2 from 06:00 CET

In this micropatch:

Some technical issues have been fixed.

9 thoughts on “WoT: March 17 Micropatch

  1. When will WoT forum close?
    They already locked the non English forums.
    Console forum closes next month…

    1. How about you check the forum’s first before posting wrong information.
      The forum’s are ALL open! RU, EU, NA, Asia.
      Go and check them out, I dare you.

      1. instead I challenge you to learn to read before writing nonsense ….
        There was talk of the forums NOT in English……

        1. But can you confirm this? I checked several non English forums and all of them are still working. Maybe he forgot to login…

      2. How about you do your job you useless jobsworth.
        The Italy, Turkish, Spanish language forum sections in eu have been locked for months.
        That’s why Italy language is used on the English section which you delete immediately as “wrong language”….

        1. I see the problem know. The little link on the other languages webpages is missing. Just the ones for English are there. So the forums are still aktive, you are just to lazy, because you have to search for a topic, instead of just kicking the link.
          Know who is the useless jobsworth?

        2. Ok, I stopped checking after the French forum 😀
          But you shouldn’t speak of the non English forums in general if it affects only the parts which weren’t used by many players anyway…

  2. You dumb ass cnuts.
    No wonder this game is full of 43% bots if you can’t even understand or learn simple English.
    Don’t comment on shit you don’t understand.

    1. @Poofters How about you don’t comment about anything, anywhere, you dipshit. Life seems to hard for as it is. So go back to your little cave were you came from.

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