WoWS: New Dockyard and Other News — 0.11.3 Closed Test

Let’s review some new features and activities planned for the next Update.

“Italian Destroyers: Part 2” Event

Early Access to the Tier II-X Italian destroyers continues in Update 0.11.3. In honor of the occasion, we added a new Italian collection and the “Italian Destroyers: Part 2” flag.

The reward for completing each section of the collection is the ability to mount 2 flags on Italian destroyers, cruisers, and battleships, respectively. The final reward for collecting all elements of the collection is Italian destroyer VI Leone, a commemorative flag, and an achievement.

Collection elements can only be acquired from Italian Destroyers containers.

  • We’ve also updated the “Taranto” port for this event.


In 0.11.3, players will be able to construct the new Pan-American battleship VIII Atlântico at the Clydebank shipyard.

Event rules:

  • The Dockyard consists of 22 construction stages.
  • Phases can be completed through Dockyard combat mission groups or purchased for 1,750 each.
  • The combat mission groups can be completed during Updates 0.11.3 and 0.11.4, while the Dockyard itself will remain available until the start of Update 0.11.5.
  • You can complete a total of 19 out of the 22 construction phases through combat missions.

If you complete the construction of Atlântico with doubloons before completing the combat missions, the missions themselves will still be available to you. However, instead of getting construction stages as rewards, you will receive bundles of 250 Steel.

Visual Changes

Camouflages mounted on an aircraft carrier will now also be painted onto its aircraft squadrons.

Added dynamic weather-based snow effects on ships.

Added HD textures for the maps Tears of the Desert, Trap, Warrior’s Path, and Solomon Islands.

Thanks to the improvements made to the game’s visual component, ships themselves as well as the underwater landscape look more natural aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the rendering of distant underwater objects when looking through binoculars has improved.

New Content

The following content will be added in the upcoming update 0.11.3:

  • The Permanent camouflage “Japanese Lacquer” for VII Maya.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Japanese Castle” for VII Nagato.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Wings of Courage” for VI Aviere.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Dusky Owl” for X Ragnar.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Doolittle Raid” for VIII Hornet.

  • The camouflage “Constellation of Memory”.

  • Six new commemorative flags.

  • New achievements and patches.

Ways to obtain new content will be announced later.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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  1. Sebastianul, do you know a fix to play Wows on steam using client account? I use your fix for Wot and it works great, I already have 1060 hours on steam and I use my old wargaming account.

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