WT: April Fools Event

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Ordinarily straight-laced free-to-play WW2 combat sim War Thunder is well known for its silly April Fools events. This year, it’s an impressively well fleshed-out UFO combat scenario named Earth Thunder. With a HUD full of incomprehensible alien text and instructions that aren’t much more helpful, two teams of UFOs clash above a besieged modern-day city. Being advanced alien craft, they’re capable of operating on the land, in the air or even underwater, each with different attack modes, making for an arcadey but very unusual fight. The event runs until April 5th, and Below: A trailer FROM BEYOND.

The Earth Thunder scenario is pretty simple stuff. A capture-and-hold mission with two teams, and five respawns per player. The UFOs themselves are impossibly agile compared to War Thunder’s planes, able to turn on a dime and hit targets with pinpoint accuracy with their beam lasers. Of course, as you’re shooting at tiny UFOs in the distance it’s hard to land a killing shot unless you manage to catch an enemy from above or below. Your UFO’s powers change when you’re close to the ground or underwater, too, making for an unpredictable rhythm to fights.

When you’re near-landed (you can’t crash), your UFO moves slower but with more agility, and is protected by a shield. You also get a railgun cannon to try your hand at sniping. While underwater, you can’t use your main beam cannon, but you can fire a shotgun-blaster, although its shots are only short range. You can also fire homing torpedoes underwater to catch enemies unawares, although they can just as easily hit the ‘fly up’ button (R and F on the keyboard control height by default) to get them out of the water, where neither shotgun blasts nor torpedoes can follow.

I feel there’s a bit more subtlety to the UFO fights than there were in some of War Thunder’s past joke-modes, like the mech-battles they’ve had previously, or the My Little Pony rainbow-powered dogfights even further back. It’s a fresh, fun mode and worth playing a round or two. You launch an Earth Thunder match by clicking the logo in the top-right of the hangar screen.

The Earth Thunder event runs until April 5th. War Thunder is free-to-play and can be found on its official page here or on Steam.


TS-5 Marathon (EU, NA, ASIA)

This spring you’ll have the chance to earn yourself a new vehicle coming straight from the United States. Prepare for new levels of excitement when you’re on the hunt, because this challenge’s Grand Prize is the first-ever American Tier VIII Premium TD in World of Tanks, the TS-5. This steel beast is a natural-born damage dealer with decent armor, and a worthy reward for those who prefer fighting at the frontline to sniping or active flanking.

What’s on the Table?

In World of Tanks, there are many different tank destroyers, but there isn’t a single American Tier VIII Premium TD. Considering that the United States was one of the first nations in the game, it’s time we fix this with a new Premium tank destroyer born in the USA!

If you already play American TDs you’ll feel right at home with the TS-5 because it combines some of their best qualities.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced Commander, the TS-5 is as sweet as apple pie:

  • High alpha damage (400 points) and a good rate-of-fire mean it’s got plenty of firepower
  • Stand strong behind 260mm of front armor (that’s 10.23 inches in American!)
  • A low profile and good concealment with high DPM mean you can hit hard and they’ll never see it coming!

NOTE: The TS-5 is best played at the front, using its incredibly tough hull to bounce enemy shells. So get a shot off, and then pop back into cover so that enemies have a hard time hitting you.

Finally, you can move Crews from other top-tier American tanks destroyers into the TS-5 without penalty, as it has five Crew members.

The American Challenge: General Overview

This time your chase for the Grand Prize will last 10 days, running from 5 April to 15 April. The American Challenge features 10 consecutive stages to complete, fulfilling tasks for Mastery or for Commitment.

  • Missions for Commitment. The best option for players with a strong desire to get their hands on the outstanding TS-5. Task conditions will be diverse, but they must be performed using Tier VI – X vehicles. Just remember: Your result will only count if you finish in the top 10 of your team’s roster at the end of battle — no matter whether your team wins or loses.
  • Missions for Mastery. You can opt for alternative, but more complex tasks. Fulfilling these objectives will save you time, but you’ll have to give your all to succeed. You can only complete these tasks using Tier IX-X machines.

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WoWS Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

Commanders! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable

from: Mon. 01 Apr. 07:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Mon. 01 Apr. 09:00
until: Mon. 01 Apr. 10:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Mon. 01 Apr. 12:00

Update size: 1,6 GB

Let’s welcome in Update 0.8.2! It brings with it Space Battles, the branch of British aircraft carriers, an updated Arsenal with Premium ships, and Season 5 of Clan Battles.

Attention! From April 1 until April 8, you’ll have the opportunity to retrain your Commanders and reset their skills, as well as demount upgrades, for free.

With the release of Update 0.8.2, the option in the Inventory section to exchange researchable aircraft carriers for XP and credits, or Premium aircraft carriers for doubloons, will cease to be available.

Space Warships Intergalactic Games

Our spaceships are being prepared for battle! April Fool’s Day in nearly here, which means that the time is almost upon us to travel to space once again to fight among the stars.

You can test your strength against other players in 4 new battle modes:

  • Rings of Saturn (reworked Epicenter mode): now the zones are captured independently from each another. Available between April 1–7.
  • Binary Star: the key points of the teams, initially covering a wide territory, are located on the enemy team’s side and shrink gradually. Available between April 1–7.
  • Space Assault: the objective of the attacking team is to destroy the defending team’s station in a limited period of time. Both sides have their own advantages: ships of the attacking team respawn, while ships of the defending team gradually recover their HP. Available between April 8–14.
  • Torpedo Beat: dynamic torpedo battles with destroyers travelling at high speeds. Available between April 15–24.

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Supertest: T-116 (Complete Stats)

This compact tier III light is quite agile, with good camouflage, a maximum speed of 60 km / h and a view range of 320 m. However, there is no armor, so taking shots is not recommended. For this tank, “run and live another day” is an exceptionally true statement.

Likely a gift tank.

T-116. Parameters:

Tier: LT-3, USSR, premium / gift
HP: 230
Engine: 335 hp
Mass: 10,50 t
Maximum load: 13,00 t
Power-to-weight: 31,90 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 60 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 48 °/s
Turret turning speed: 40 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,247 / 2,205
View range: 320 m
Radio range: 300 m

Hull armor: 15 / 13 / 13 mm
Turret armor: 15 / 13 / 13 mm

Gun: 45 mm 20K

Alpha Damage: 47 / 47 / 62
Penetration: 51 / 84 / 23 mm
Rate of fire: 27,205 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 278,6
Reload time: 2,205 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,42
Aiming time: 1,9 s
Depression/Elevation: -5 ° / +30 °

Crew – 3 members: Commander, Driver, Loader.


Aim spread:

after firing: 3.50;
during the rotation of the turret: 0.14;
while the vehicle is moving: 0.22;
during vehicle rotation: 0.22;
during turret rotation at the maximum speed of 5.6;
at the maximum vehicle speed: 13.2;
at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 10.56.

Camouflage values:

camouflage of a still tank: 32.1%;
tank camouflage when in motion: 24%;
camouflage of an immobile tank when shooting: 9.31%;
camouflage of a tank shooting during motion: 6.96%.

More pictures:

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x5 XP on the main server this weekend (EU)


Your interest in the WoT Classic mode exceeded all of our expectations. The influx of players to Classic server was way bigger than we could have handled at the moment! To avoid the waiting time, we suggest you to check out the main server.

 We have activated a x5 XP bonus for the first victory of the day from March 30, 1:00 PM (CET), April 1, 8:00 AM (CEST).

Note: Today, the x5 XP bonus will not be visible in the tanks carousel. For the first win of the day you will receive your standard x2 XP bonus, and after 1:00 PM you will also receive the extra x5 XP bonus on the second win of the day. It will appear in your post-battle results. Tomorrow, Sunday 31st you will only see the x5 XP bonus in the tanks carousel as usual.
We are aware of how excited you are to re-experience the good old gameplay of version 0.7.0, and we sincerely apologise for any issues that have emerged. WoT Classic turned out to be a great initiative, and is a testament to the nostalgia that many of our players share with us.
For those of you who have not logged in since November 28th, 2018, we would like to remind you of the Well-Deserved Reward. Upon logging in, you will receive a wide range of rewards, such as credits, bonds, emblems, medals, and even a T-50-2 tank for the veterans, who have registered their account 4 years ago or earlier!

How to earn the Doge style

Apparently you’re supposed to play 3 battles on the Classic server.

The style and emblems should be awarded after the event.

Note: take this info with a grain of salt, since WG did not mention anywhere anything about how you can earn them. I’ve asked my WG contacts and they confirmed it.

More WoT Classic 0.7.0 Info + Style Pictures

From the portal

World of Tanks Classic: A special game event that kicks-off
March 29 at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET and is available until April 3.

World of Tanks veterans: Do you remember when Update 0.7.0 was released in 2011? In those glory days, the KV-3 was still capable of one-shotting you, the elusive T-50-2 struck terror into the hearts of artillery fans, and the formidable Maus could hold an entire flank all on its own — simply by blocking the bridge on Erlenberg.

At that time, we had only just introduced replays and the ability to put camouflage on vehicles. Today’s newcomers, or those who joined World of Tanks after Update 1.0, may not understand why a solitary tear rolls down our veterans’ cheeks when they remember those simpler times.

World of Tanks 0.7.0: More Than Just Nostalgia

Back in the day, World of Tanks was a very different experience, and the game physics allowed players to work wonders. Just thinking about it made us nostalgic. So from March 29 to April 3, we’re giving veterans a chance to relive those glory days and newcomers the opportunity to experience a piece of tanking history, even if it’s only for a limited time!

Yeah, OK…So What’s So Interesting About 0.7.0?

Of course, even after eight (8) years, today’s game resembles the World of Tanks of 2011 in some respects, but in many ways “Classic” is an entirely different experience.

So, here’s what awaits you:

  • A separate server and a separate game client.
  • Three classical nations: U.S.S.R., Germany, and U.S.A. Oh, and a legend that needs no introduction…the Type 59! You won’t find any French or Swedish autoloaders here! You will get four (4) sets of Crew members for each nation, with three researched skills (Firefighting, Repairs, and Concealment). The Type 59 has one Crew member for each specialty.

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