Special Garage: Day/Night

Yesterday, with the occasion of the 8th birthday of WoT, a special garage was added, where you can see the day change.

The garage is changed automatically, according to the time set on the computer – at 18:00 and 06:00. Everything is related to the local time, so if you manage to see one garage every day, you can change it – just change the time on your computer.


WGNA Answers your Questions – Part 2

Source: TollhouseFrank

Please remember that there are MORE answers to come in future answer batches. If your question has not been directly addressed yet, it is because WGNA is either waiting for a better answer from the Developers, or they are waiting till a more appropriate time to release the information (especially information related to future content).

I will be adding 1 question/answer from last time as a repeat at WGNA’s request. This is mostly just a reminder.

Every time there is a Question and Answer on any of the servers, the complaints come out that questions were ‘dodged’ or that WG is refusing to answer. Can you explain why there might be difficulties in answering some questions?

CM: In the immortal words of Bted quoting Kenny Rogers – “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away.” I will try to offer a decent answer for any question I am asked (even when it gets me in trouble), but I think questions that get “dodged” generally have to do with controversial and sensitive subjects, or long term possibilities that have no immediate path to implementation. In these cases, people either legitimately don’t have an answer because the path forward has not been decided yet, or they cannot share what they do know because the path is not solid enough to walk on – too many things could change at that point to share any information publicly.

CM = CabbageMechanic
TL = TragicLoss
MHM = MeatHeadMilitia
RB = RatBat
TC = The Chieftain


How does one go about becoming a Community Contributor?  As a followup, do you have an updated list of NA CC’s?

TL: Generally, we are always on the prowl for hard working content creators on all platforms (YouTube, Twitch, and Forums etc.). We don’t have a formal application process, but we do check up on many active Creators. If you support a creator, I highly recommend supporting them in any way you can visibility wise. The streamers that we currently work with are SOFILEIN, Trobsmonkey, AirG, JunkersHiryu, OminousFyxen, Mountain_Man, and Goshism. I believe CM can expand on that list in terms of all the CCs we currently have.

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Supertest: M6A2E1 and T26E4 SuperPershing

Another test of preferential MM tanks.

There are no major changes to what was published some time ago on the portal.

  https://i1.wp.com/wot-news.com/uploads/icons/small/usa-a45_m6a2e1.png M6A2E1:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP projectile from 198 to 204 mm;
  • Improved hull rotation speed from 24° to 28°;
  • Reduced aim spread when turret is rotated from 0,173 to 0,153;
  • Reduced aim spread during turret rotation at maximum speed from 3,97 to 3,53;
  • Increased aim spread at maximum vehicle rotation speed from 5,06 to 5,91;
  • Minor general armor changes.


 https://i0.wp.com/wot-news.com/uploads/icons/small/usa-a80_t26_e4_superpershing.png T26E4 SuperPershing:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP projectile from 192 to 202 mm;
  • Reload time reduced from 7,863 s to 7,671 s;
  • Increased rate of fire from 7,631 to 7,821;
  • Changed damage per minute from 1 831,4 to 1 877,1;
  • Changed engine power from 500 to 610 hp;
  • Improved power to weight ratio from 9,89 to 12,07 hp/t.

Personal Missions Second Front – Pictures of New Camouflages

Several new elements of external appearance have been added to the list of prizes of the second season of personal missions.

Completing a series of 15 missions with distinction will provide you with three types of camouflage for a prize vehicle, as well as the possibility of buying this camouflage for any vehicle in the same tech tree;
Fulfill the main conditions in the entire series, and you will receive three types of special camouflage only for the prize vehicle.


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Supertest: Fjords and Lillehammer Maps

Source: Official Forums

Fjords: Gameplay Tweaks

Polishing the central and northern parts of Fjords is one of the tasks we are working on right now. We plan to improve the gameplay in these parts while keeping the familiar positions and a common game design. Additionally, we want to distribute vehicles across the battle locations to avoid the excessive concentration of tanks in the K5 square.

The top part of the map will be reworked in the waterfall area, the spot where usually teams’ interests collide. We plan to introduce more opportunities for a battle scenario for the western team.

  • Within the A5-A7 squares, a new path to the waterfall will be added. It will be hard for long-range shots to reach the path, but still, it will require more time to reach the waterfall. To perform effectively, the western team will have to use both possibilities to occupy the waterfall: attack from the A5-A7 and continue via the usual path through the C6-C7 squares.
  • Due to the new path, the western team will acquire a defensive position (similar to that of F8) in the A5-A6 squares. The position will allow holding back enemy forces if you failed to gain the control over the top part of the map.

The central part will add more gameplay objects that won’t clutter the battlefield, but will make for more hiding places. Thus, the vehicles in this area will be able to avoid destruction, when it’s been spotted.

  • The C and D central lines will add extra positions. For example, a hollow will let you move away from enemy fire once you’ve been spotted or attack the opponent in the top part of the map. It is intended that this new element will split the battlefield space. It used to be open and dangerous for both teams. Now the novelty will provide for more long-range fire due to the hiding places.
  • The hill in the D6 square will be reworked. It will come in handy for firing and passive scouting. Also, it will be much easier to avoid fire once you’ve been spotted.

The updates represent a complex decision designed to provide players with more battle opportunities. Keeping the opportunity for firing from afar and providing more options on how to avoid the enemy shells, we want to encourage players to be more active in this part of the map while keeping it familiar.

And one more update for the western team:

  • The B2 square will add a new position similar to the J9 lower-base peninsula. Before, not all defensive spots the team had could boast this level of versatility. However, the new position is relatively small in terms of size and is fully exposed to enemy fire.

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