WoT Console: M26 Pershing T99 Detailed Stats


Although the M4 Sherman was widely deployed by Allied forces in World War II, its reliability against enemy armor came into question as the war progressed. In response, the United States sent twenty units of the newly produced T26E3, later standardized as the M26 Pershing, to Belgium in January 1945.

The tank performed well against Germany’s Tiger tanks, but it saw little use during the war due to its late development. The T99 was an experimental multiple launch rocket system tested on the M26 in late 1945 but ultimately not selected for production.

  • Hit Points: 1,450
  • Engine Power: 704 hpr
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 17.21
  • Speed Limit: 48 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 20 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 36 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 38 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 10 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 22 deg

  • Primary: 90 MM Gun M3A1
    • Penetration: 221/268/45
    • Damage: 240/240/320
    • Aim Time: 2.1 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.36
    • Rate of Fire: 8.7 rounds/min
    • Reload Time: 6.9 sec
    • Damage Per Minute: 2,088
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 70 rounds
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/975
    • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APCR/1,219
    • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/975

  • Secondary: Rocket Launcher T99
    • Penetration: 72
    • Damage: 300
    • Aim Time: 2.5 sec
    • Accuracy: 0.40
    • Rate of Fire: 20.17 rounds/min
    • Reload Time: 10.9 sec
    • Intra-Clip Reload: 0.33 sec
    • Shots Per Clip: 4
    • Damage Per Minute: 6,051
    • Max Ammo Capacity: 44
    • Shell 1 Type/Speed: ROCKET/264
  • View Range: 390 m
  • Signal Range: 745 m
  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier X
  • Tank XP Bonus: 10%
  • Silver Bonus: 50%


4 thoughts on “WoT Console: M26 Pershing T99 Detailed Stats

  1. pershing..
    don’t know about console, but many same tanks arrive on PC as well..
    so if it comes as premium like this… on PC Pershing I’ve just played.. held 2.6k DPG.. but the tank is so boring and 240 alpha with the reload time it has.. it’s just a not good tank… avoid

  2. This tank is a joke in War Thunder, the rocket racks count as unarmored ammo racks so a machinegun salvo is enough to detonate them and the tank carrying them.

    I wonder how WG addresses that.

    1. Same way they did with the M4 Sherman T34 Calliope. This tank is going to be added to WoT console not PC.

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