WoT Monthly July 2024: Independence Day and More!

USA Independence Day

July 4-8: Earn x4 XP for the First Victory of the Day.
July 4-11: Take advantage of special offers in the Premium Shop and in-game store. Additionally, complete Star-Spangled missions to earn stickers, emblems, crew skins, and “Eagle” tokens that can be exchanged for American customizations and other rewards.

Celebrate the Fourth of July on Twitch
, where you can visit your favorite streamers’ channels and earn special Twitch Drops, including consumables, customizations, reserves, and even more Eagle Tokens.

WoT Salute – Program Update

On July 10, the WoT Salute program, dedicated to veterans and active military members in the United States and Canada, will receive a long-awaited update. New rewards, discounts, and ways to earn free in-game items will be introduced. All members – current and new – will receive the T26E3 Eagle 7 and the 2D style “Days of Glory”. Members will also be able to join the dedicated WoT Salute Discord channel, earn exclusive Twitch Drops, and much more.

Bastille Day – French Weekend

July 12-15: Celebrate Bastille Day during the “French Weekend” event, where you can earn in-game items, Twitch Drops, and special offers all weekend long.

Update 1.25.1 – Onslaught Light

Update 1.25.1 will introduce a simplified version of the Onslaught mode. With the ranking system disabled, Onslaught Light is your chance to play your favorite Tier VIII vehicles – including Premium ones – without worrying about ranks, while earning bonds, credits, reserves, and other rewards as you progress.

Tankfest 2024

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend (the last weekend of June), World of Tanks has something for you! Join eekeeboo and Richard Cutland live from Tankfest on Twitch and experience the thrill of the most explosive showcase of unique historical and modern tanks, and earn Twitch Drops while watching.

New Token Shop

The D-Day Token Shop expires on July 8, so be sure to redeem your D-Day Tokens. On the same day, a new Token Shop will be released to celebrate the 10th Annual Aquino Tank Weekend at the Ontario Regiment Museum. The shop will be stocked with new in-game items suitable for North America’s largest historical tank show.

July 8-29: Complete special missions and earn Tokens that can be exchanged for Canadian items like the 2D style “A Mari Usque ad Mare” and the 2D style “Dominion” while earning Twitch Drops. Then, join World of Tanks live from the Aquino Tank Weekend. First, with a brief behind-the-scenes look on TikTok on Saturday, July 27. Then, watch live on Twitch on Sunday, July 28, for the grand show, where Chieftain and Cmdr_AF will report all the events from the real Tank Arena at the Ontario Regiment Museum. This will be your last chance to earn even more Twitch Drops while experiencing the thrill of historical tanks in motion, from the comfort of your computer chair.

Top of the Tree

A new round of Top of the Tree starts on July 5. Take advantage of discounts to climb to Tier X and unlock the AMX M4 mle. 54 and the T-100 LT.

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  1. Thanks for the summary/text version. WG has yet to post the article on their website. Lazy Fuks.

    1. They probably won’t post anything. They fucked up with the D-Day events by advertising consumable discounts that never happened, and after excusing such blunder as yet another case of “miscommunication” they’ve reworked the monthly preview into video-only.

  2. On Crap with no chances of getting Concept1B another Fucked Up WG event where the rewards suck and there not lazy, there just idiots. Lets get TOURb of DUTY back to where it and quit making up stupid events.

    1. Was someone too bad at tier 10 to get the Concept and is now angry that he cant play his BZ176 in tier 8 onslaught to get it?
      Cry more you polish twat.

  3. “The D-Day Token Shop expires on July 8, so be sure to redeem your D-Day Tokens.”

    I’d like to, but whenever I go to Homefront Supplies it says: “The service is temporarily unavailable.”

    I was able to see the D-Day supplies once or twice the whole month…

    1. I thought there was supposed to be more missions in the d day event. I completed the 3 missions weeks ago 🤷🏼‍♂️

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