WoT Supertest: COMRES 75

The COMRES 75, is a Tier VI Premium British medium tank. This experimental vehicle features a unique design with an external gun carriage and protective cover, instead of a traditional turret.

It is armed with a 20-pdr gun, offering 170 mm of armor penetration with AP shells and 198 mm with APCR shells. The tank’s damage per shot is 230 HP.

Powered by the impressive 650 h.p. Rolls Royce Meteor engine, the COMRES 75 boasts a remarkable power-to-weight ratio, achieving speeds of 52 km/h forward and 20 km/h backward. However, its unconventional design has drawbacks: it has mediocre armor and a tight gun compartment, resulting in an 8.1-second reload time and rather poor damage per minute.

Overall, this is a decent support vehicle that can fight effectively on any map.

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