WoT Supertest: Toro

The Toro is a Tier IX Italian heavy tank featuring an improved autoreloading gun system, which is classic for Italian heavies.

Equipped with the Cannone da 105/57, it performs great in medium-range assaults with a decent 248 mm of armor penetration (standard AP shell) and 360 HP of alpha damage. Its clip holds 4 shells, with a 3-second reload time between each shot.

The Toro boasts good gun depression angles of -8/+20 degrees and strong turret armor, making it effective in hull-down positions and on uneven terrains. Additionally, its impressive mobility for a heavy tank (45 km/h forward and 18 km/h backward) ensures this “bull” charges right into the heart of the battle.

Finally, the Toro is the first Italian heavy with a back-mounted turret, which gives it a truly unique appearance.

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