WoT Supertest: Škoda T 17

The Škoda T 17: a Tier VII Czechoslovakian light tank that begins the new line. Unlike the vehicles further up this branch, the T 17 doesn’t have twin autocannons, but a gun with an autoloader.
The 75-mm main armament of the Škoda T 17 inherits its clip mechanic from that of the Škoda T 25, but has more shells in the clip (5 instead of 3) with less damage per shot (80 HP instead of 110). The intra-clip reloading time is short (1.33 s) and it takes just 12 seconds for the clip to fully reload. The gun also possesses good maximum depression and elevation angles for an autoloader one (–8° and +20° respectively). With base top forward and reverse speeds of 56 km/h and 19 km/h and a base view range of 370 m, the T 17 can excel at active scouting while using every chance to unleash a full clip at an unsuspecting opponent.

The Škoda T 17 is an intermediate link between autoloader and autocannon tanks, introducing the new gameplay of the latter.

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      1. It’s correct. It was supposed to start at tier 5, but WG decided to be lazy and not make 2 low tier tanks – it’s confirmed. Which is a shame, because they could’ve even been historical.

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