WoT: Frontline Is Back – Fight Epic 30v30 Battles and Earn D-Day Tokens!

Frontline returns to the game with Episode 1! Available from June 10 through June 17, it offers intense 30v30 action on three gigantic maps and rich rewards.

Frontline Episode 1

From 2024-06-10 at 05:00:00 (UTC) through 2024-06-17 at 02:00:00 (UTC)

On top of the regular rewards, this time you can earn D-Day Tokens in Frontline. From June 10 through June 17, claim and complete an extra mission via the Command Center Events Map for 5 D-Day Tokens.

All Frontline maps have three lines. The first two lines consist of 1×1 km sectors which the attackers must capture. The undivided third line houses the main objectives of the attacking side: massive gun turrets.

The set of colossal (9 km² each) locations is the same as usual: you can find yourself on green Normandie, snow-covered Kraftwerk, or sandy Fata Morgana.


  • Normandie
  • Kraftwerk
  • Fata Morgana

Dynamic Battle Scenarios

The dynamic battle scenarios system from the last Episode is in place, offering three different sets of rules regarding Combat Reserves. You play by one of the three scenarios selected randomly before a battle begins (the scenario type will be shown on the loading screen).

  • Standard Battle (34% chance): Combat Reserves are used as per the regular Frontline rules.
  • Operational Support (33% chance): The cooldown time for Combat Reserves is decreased by 50% (after the start of a battle, when you respawn, or when you unlock a new Reserve).
  • Twist of Fate (33% chance): Upon reaching certain Ranks in this scenario, choose between two randomly selected Combat Reserves. Combat Reserves placed in slots in the Garage before battle have a better chance of being offered for selection, and the level of Reserves purchased with Combat Reserve Points will increase by 1 in battle (meaning they will have four levels).



In Episode 1 of Frontline, you can get the following rewards for earning Frontline Experience in multiple battles and reaching consecutive Tiers.

Join the Frontline mode for huge battles and nice rewards!

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  1. Time to activate that free month of WOT plus for the extra bit of gold… I hope it does work in FL… lol.

  2. I played the new pve mode. That lasted about 30 minutes before there’s no fun left and zero rewards to replay it.
    What a total waste of developers time….

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