WoT Supertest: Vz. 68

The Vz. 68, is another Czechoslovakian Tier VIII light tank with twin autocannons. This scout also has a similar low profile and neat forms that ensure stealthy movement across any terrain.

The Vz. 68 boasts serious firepower—two 50 mm autocannons with good close-range combat accuracy and aiming time. It also has decent armor penetration with standard shells (180 mm) and 2,000 HP of potential damage per minute. In addition to that firepower, the Vz. 68 features an average forward top speed of 53 km/h. Plus, a reverse speed of 21 km/h allows it to make a hasty retreat if things get tough on the battlefield.

The Vz. 68 is a shining example of the new line of Czechoslovakian autocannons with unique gameplay and a distinctive role on the battlefield. You will not be limited to classic scouting and recon work but can also get into serious action when your opponent’s least expect it. If you utilize this swift Czechoslovakian hunter appropriately, its two 50 mm autocannons will shred any thin-armored foe in just a couple of seconds!

8 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vz. 68

    1. This is assuming you’re penning every shot, let alone hitting

      but with 0.4 base accuracy you’re gonna need vstabs and maybe improved aiming, cause that’s gonna bloom out while firing

      I think right now on paper it’s fine

      1. Why aim when you’re literally hugging the enemy’s arse?
        I also love that the APCR has less damage.

        1. Going by the average LT driver I see on SEA, they will be dead long before they get the chance to hug someones ass XD

  1. shneeky shneeky lemon squeekee this is gonna be fun tank parkin in back of 279’s and on turetted tanks and just stuffin their tailpipes full of potatoes until they die.

  2. Goes too slow to effectively use the gun as needed. Ig itll exist as a paper tank shredder and the occasional decent flank burst damage and nothing more, its not out scouting anyone half competent.
    If im trying to whack the crap out of an enemy scout id play the t49 or Sheridan.

  3. I hope WG follows this and rebalances all premium ammo in the game to do less damage

    1. I was also thinking this! Armored heavies are already pretty good performers, and they are the ones who will last much longer and have an advantage from this change, though. So they would need nerfs to DPM or something.

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