WoT: Sherman Crab In-Game Screenshots + Historical Reference

Sherman Crab (USA, Tier-5, MT)
You can see the Sherman Crab in action as an AI-controlled ally in our Operation Overlord PvE mode!

Historical reference:

The M4 Sherman was used to create several flail-mounted tanks: the Sherman Mark IV, Mark V Scorpions, and the Sherman Crab. One variant of the latter, the Sherman Crab, was eventually put into production at the request of Major General Hobart and entered service.

Minesweeper. The Crab vehicles comprised a Sherman tank equipped with a mine flail—essentially a rotating cylinder of heavy chains—that cleared mines for Allied troops to advance safely.

Versatile Fighter. The 75 mm gun was also retained so it could be fired when the flail was not in use. It was turned away from the flail when in use but could be repositioned and loaded to provide further infantry support.

Bullhorn Plough. The ‘Bullhorn Plough’ was an alternative system that excavated the ground in front of the tank to expose any land mines.


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