WoT Supertest: Vz. 64

The Vz. 64, a Czechoslovakian Tier VIII light tank from the new line. Like its “elder brothers,”, it carries twin autocannons into battle (albeit with a more modest caliber — just 37 mm) and has a low silhouette and smooth forms, making sneaky gameplay possible.

As is the case with the vehicles further up the line, the Vz. 64 is mobile: its base forward and reverse speeds are 60 km/h and 21 km/h, respectively. This nimble tank also has good accuracy at close range and solid burst damage potential. AP rounds offer moderate damage and penetration (165 mm), APCR ones have low damage and high pen (220 mm), and HE shells have great damage and low pen (37 mm).

As you have probably gathered, thoughtful ammo management is required for some signature “guns blazing” action when the Vz. 64 rips into an unsuspecting enemy. Of course, you can combine this with classic active scouting (the base view range is 380 m). This flexibility is a common trait of all new light Czechoslovaks from Tier VIII onward, including the sibling of the Vz. 64, the Vz. 68, which accompanies it to the Supertest.

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