WoT ASIA: Dragon Boat Festival 2024 Loot Boxes (Tier 9 Lätt Stridsfordon 120)

Three Tier IX vehicles, including the new Premium tank destroyer—the IXLätt Stridsfordon 120 . This sniper has come from afar, bringing all your enemies gifts for the holiday!

In Siege mode, it possesses excellent gun elevation/depression angles and doesn’t drop its camouflage net upon hull traverse. The concealment values compensate for the lack of armor. Excellent maneuverability allows you to quickly change positions, while the fast-firing and accurate gun breaks through heavy enemy armor from any distance. No opponent will escape without a few holes in their hull!

Purchase Dragon Boat Boxes from the Premium Shop

Available from June 6, 2024 at 11:00 (CEST) through June 11, 2024 at 18:00 (CEST)

From June 6 to June 12, join World of Tanks as we celebrate Dragon Boat Festival! As you go along snacking on zongzi and sending well-wishes to comrades and family, login to World of Tanks and enjoy the generosity of dragons themselves. A grand festival full of missions with rewards, treasure chests, and Twitch streams awaits.

Find out what the dragons have in store for you this year!

The surprises in Dragon Boat Boxes don’t stop at the new sniper.

Each Dragon Boat Box will contain a reward from the list below with a certain probability:

  • One of the following vehicles:  IXLätt Stridsfordon 120 ,  IXT 54D , IXTL-7 ,  VIIIM54 Renegade ,  VIIIT-44-100 , VIIIFV1066 Senlac ,  VIIIKirovets-1  (1.3% Probability)
  • One of the following: From 5,000 Free EXP to 250,000 Free EXP(10% Probability)
  • From 50,000 credits to 250,000 credits, Training Booklet (random nation), Personal Training Manual (75% Probability)
  • One of the following: 2,500 Free EXP, days of WoT Premium Account, or Personal Reserves (100% Probability)

These always come in handy!

The vehicles that you don’t already have will drop from the Boxes first. If you have already assembled the full collection of seven vehicles, then the next time these vehicles drop from a Box, you will be compensated in gold instead!

But if you get no vehicles at all from 49 consecutive opened Boxes, then you are guaranteed to get one from the 50th!

A maximum of 75 Dragon Boat Boxes can be purchased in one day. If you don’t want to wait, grab the biggest bundle of 300 Boxes. It’s available for purchase once per account and doesn’t affect the daily limit.

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