Normandy Tanks: Churchill Crocodile

The VIChurchill Crocodile  , one of the three Tier VI Premium reward vehicles of Battle Pass Season XIV, is a formidable British heavy with excellent survivability.

An ample HP pool and an average of 150 mm of effective armor at the front mean this Croc can face same or lower-tier opponents in the open. Side-scraping is no problem thanks to 95 mm side armor. A relatively low top speed of 30 km/h is a trade-off for good protection, but the Crocodile sure can bite: its 75 mm gun reloads very fast and gives it a good DPM. Just mind the sub-par gun depression!

The historical Churchill Crocodiles that participated in the D-Day landings had a signature weapon in addition to the main gun and the machine gun: a powerful flamethrower that proved very effective against infantry and helped break through the coastal defense lines.

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